The most spectacular journeys in the world are those made by these animals

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Intercontinental or shorter, partial, deliberate or obligatory: the most spectacular journeys in the world they are made by animals. Titanic enterprises that know no borders or limits, faced by the unique and incredible protagonists of the animal world.

Of extraordinary stories, the migratory animals, they could tell at will, they who are forced to face long journeys and not without pitfalls, from global warming to anthropogenic activities.

Yet all migrants, from the little wheatear to the great right whale, when the time comes, they push where we humans cannot even imagine.

Long-tailed tern migration - Source iStock

Because it is their nature that dictates it to them and it is the instinct that drives them, migratory animals move period after period crossing the world by area, sea or land, enduring fatigue, the pitfalls of paths and adverse climatic conditions. As if the journey were the great purpose of an entire existence.

The most famous are certainly birds, their migrations, visible even to the naked eye, have enchanted us since time immemorial, it is not surprising that their travels have also given rise to stories and legends. Aristotle thought for example that swallows, after their migration, stopped on the reeds to become frogs and then return to fly with the spring sun.

The animal that travels the most kilometers during its migrations is a bird, la sterna codalunga. This specimen that lives on the waters off the north coast of England travels 35 kilometers to reach the Antarctic region where it nests.

Monarch Butterfly Migration - Source iStock

Then there are the monarch butterflies that color the Mexican sky gold. These splendid animals, characterized by the colors of the sun alternating with black, they fly en masse from southern Canada to reach the United States and escape the cold.

And what about flamingos? Every year, during the migration of these splendid specimens, we witness a fabulous event: pink clouds move in the sky and dance, the animals move from sub-Saharan Africa to Eastern Africa.

Other spectacular journeys are those faced by red crabs of Christmas Island, millions of specimens, in fact, move across the entire country to reach the coast, where they lay their eggs. As well as i bats, less observable because they are nocturnal, which travel thousands and thousands of kilometers to reach the places where they will hibernate.

Flamingo Migration - Source iStock

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