The most luxurious private planes in the world

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THEmost expensive private plane in the world belongs to Saudi prince Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. It's a Airbus 380, the largest aircraft in the world. Of course, the prince was not satisfied with the standard version of the plane, but he wanted a totally customized one. From the private entrance the royal family can access five suites adorned with hand-knotted carpets and antique furniture, each with a private bathroom. Another entrance is for guests, 20 in all. The most extravagant is the wellness room, a huge screen placed on the floor transmits images of the places that are flying over. The relative noises and above all the scents (sea, forest, etc.) are associated with the images. On the private plane of a Saudi, you cannot miss a hammam, covered in marble and with everything you need for spa treatments. The main hall also houses a stage for private concerts and in the center there is even a throne. In case the prince would like to work during the flight, there is a large meeting room. Do not miss the garage to transport the private car.

This is the most luxurious plane in the world, but others fly in the skies that are no less. Not so much for the size, as there aren't many who can afford it an Airbus worth at least $ 300 million, but at least in the finishes they have nothing to envy to the Saudi prince.

Apart from the legendary Air Force One of the President of the United States, which is furnished with every kind of comfort and some other jumbo belonging to some other tycoon, they are often small jets also called business jet o bizjet come i Bombardier, the Gulfstream, the Dassault Falcon, the Embraer and Cessna.

Fully furnished, with carpet, leather sofas, LCD TV, luxurious bathrooms e double bedrooms, they can be modern or classic or high tech, with soft or fluo colors, with wood or steel finishes. But always and in any case very expensive and destined for a few rich people or VIPs. Among the private jet owners there is weight there pop star Britney Spears. His private plane it is decorated in her favorite colors: fuchsia and turquoise.

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