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Many pamper the dream of being able, one day, to visit the United States and indulge in the best, living the tourist experience to the fullest in one of the most captivating and fascinating regions in the world.

A place that, in the minds of many, has always been synonymous with excesses: an imaginary that, at times, does not differ from reality. This is the case of American hospitality structures, known for their magnificence which, in some cases, exceeds expectations.

For all extraordinarily demanding customers, America offers hotel pearls worthy of a Thousand and One Nights settings: magnificent structures, full of all comforts and, of course, super expensive.

Let's discover the Top Ten of American luxury hotels.

Hotel in New York

Are you headed to the Big Apple and budget is not your problem? Well then you might be one of the lucky few to get the chance to stay at the Langham Place, overlooking the Empire State Building directly, for $ 9.000 a night. If you are still not satisfied you can book at Mandarin Oriental New York: The presidential suite on the 53rd floor, for $ 20.000 a night, offers priceless views of Central Park. The maximum of luxury is reached, however, at Four Season: this is the hotel with the most expensive room in all of America. $ 50.000 a night for the 400 square meter penthouse with personal butler, Rolls Royce with driver and bed with gold blanket.

Hotel a Chicago

If your destination is Chicago, it is worth a stop.Hotel Thompson Chicago: one of the trendiest structures in the city, which has 6 exclusive suites, built on two floors, with a panoramic terrace and breathtaking views of the city, available at a price ranging between $ 2.000 and $ 5.000.

Hotel to Las Vegas

Have you planned a weekend of madness in the capital of entertainment and excess par excellence, Las Vegas? If you have no budget problems and want to make your experience truly memorable, don't forget to book a presidential suite at the Four Season: Art Deco style design, all-round panoramic windows, 60-inch televisions are just some of the unique features of this exceptional property, which will be yours for $ 3.000 a night. And for those who are still not satisfied, the city of the game also offersARIA Resort and its breathtaking suites. An excess equipped with a grandiose private sauna, billiard room and technologically innovative kitchens, for the modest sum of $ 7.500 per night.

Hotel in Los Angeles

Your tour of the most luxurious hotels in America, then, cannot fail to continue between the rooms of theHotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, California: directly on the beach, to sleep pampered by the sound of the waves, this huge property also has a presidential suite, on the seventh floor, with two huge rooms, obviously with a king-size bed overlooking the ocean. The cost? One night in this wonder surrounded by nature and a stone's throw from the nightlife costs approximately $ 6.000.

And then there is the Beverly Hills Hotel, to feel like a real celebrity: two presidential bungalows with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a professional kitchen, private garden with a view, fireplace and private pool with waterfalls. A luxury that can exceed $ 22.000 per night.

Hotel a Miami

From the West Coast to the East Coast, always touching the most exclusive destinations: why not stay at the Mandarin Oriental from Miami? Starting at $ 7.500 per night, guests will be able to access the sensational suite that offers, among many amenities, a majestic terrace, a private spa with a 24-hour personal massage therapist and physiotherapist, and gourmet cuisine. The top of the range? L'Hotel Setai of Miami Beach, whose most exclusive suite, which costs $ 32.000 a night, occupies the entire 40th floor and extends for almost one square kilometer, with panoramic ocean views.

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