The most hipster neighborhoods in the world

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La hipster fashion it flared up a few years ago, conquering most of the boys and girls around the world. Long beard, minimal style with a few extravagant touches - everything hipster has gone stylish and people are looking for. Also en route, there are many people who go in search of trendy clubs and special markets so some of the world's largest metropolises have equipped themselves, giving life to some hipster neighborhoods, as the Williamsburg from New York. Those who visit the big apple cannot miss a morning in this extraordinary district, famous for the food market and for some of the hottest clubs in town.

Besides New York, other metropolises have also decided to allocate a district to hipster, allowing you to create exclusive clubs and very special markets. Self Melbourne is Australia's hipster heart, Fitzroy is undoubtedly its epicenter. Here, in addition to the beautiful historic buildings, the Center for Contemporary Photography is also located. Once a year there is also the Fringe Festival, one of the most renowned arts festivals in the world. San Francisco has also chosen not to be outdone and the Mission District it has become an authentic institution: today it is a center of avant-garde and cultural experimentation envied all over the world.

La hipster fashion however, it has not only infected the United States and Australia, on the contrary: Istanbul and Tel Aviv have two of the most famous neighborhoods in the world. Beyoglu, in the beautiful Turkish city, is a vintage paradise: clubs, art galleries and flea markets are the order of the day, delighting locals and tourists from all over the world. TO Tel Aviv instead Florentine it is a fascinating mix of brand new industrial buildings and residential complexes, frequented mainly by artists, students and foreigners. Graffiti are everywhere, as well as boutiques, small street food bars and fantastic nightclubs, which are filled with life every night with concerts and events of all kinds. The stile hipster has conquered and overwhelmed some of the most famous metropolises around the world: it is impossible not to go and discover these fantastic neighborhoods.

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