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There are some luxury restaurants, so exclusive, expensive and, sometimes, extravagant, that they are only frequented by the jet set. Dishes prepared by chef pluristellati (whose prices are inversely proportional to the portions!), lobsters, oysters and champagne in profusion, are the main features of the services offered by these prestigious places, for a few but not for all. Here, then, is a short journey to discover the most expensive restaurants on the planet, between sumptuous locations and unique submarine bistros.

According to the opinions of the most "In" customers, the first place is occupied by Japanese restaurants: from Kitcho in Tokyo, the dishes are served through the chef's interpretation, who considers them all of the artwork representative of their country. In fact, compared to a Mondrian canvas, a classic menu costs "only" five hundred euro to person!

Soon after comes France, which has always been an icon in the world of cuisine, with the restaurant Le Meurice in Paris. What impresses as soon as you arrive in this idyllic kingdom of taste is the location, the imitation of the Salone della Pace della Palace of Versailles. An omen that it will be difficult to go out with a full wallet: the chef's menu, in fact, hovers around 380 € (of course, excluding drinks, taxes and tips).

Among the most expensive luxury restaurants in the world there is also an American restaurant, the Mass in New York, one of the most expensive dining experiences in the entire United States. The Masa is run by a world-famous Japanese chef (given the prices, perhaps the same as the Kitcho) who only offers tasting menu at a price that far exceeds i 300 €, without tips, taxes and drinks. But there is more. Before booking a romantic dinner in this restaurant, think about it: in case of cancellation of the reservation, you will have to pay a penalty of 150 euros.

The most sensational restaurant, however, is that submarine immersed in the blue waters of the Maldives islands. Is called Ithaa and is made almost entirely of transparent glass: while you taste international cuisine served at exorbitant prices, you will be able to see a myriad of colorful fish. In this case, the cost of the menu is justified!

A completely different scenario for the Hotel de la Ville, in Switzerland, in Crissier: it is a three-star Michelin restaurant run by the couple Benoit and Brigitte Violier, with a basic menu of 250 euros (but the restaurant and the dishes served are all worth it).
Moving to Great Britain, in London there is theAlain Ducasse at the Dorchester. Chef Herland's seven-course menu includes halibut fillet, lobster soup, baby squid, sea urchins, etc. The price is around 220 euros per person.

These are some of the most expensive luxury restaurants in the world but there is one where it is best to stop only after winning a substantial amount in the lottery: the Sublimotion in Ibiza it offers a tasting of twenty dishes for the modest sum of 1.500 euros, but it is not yet clear if the drinks are included.

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