The most disgusting foods in the world: would you eat them?

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Strange food from the world: insects and snakes

Just when everyone is talking about cibi gourmet and starred restaurants, there are those who go crazy for delicacies that according to many are disgusting to say the least.

Among most terrifying culinary specialties there are some that break all records. Here are the five most disgusting foods which are served in the dishes of some typical cuisines (including Italian):

5. Bat soup
It looks like a normal consommé, but it is enriched with a special ingredient: the bat. Served in Ivory Coast, this soup is prepared with roasted bats. Once peeled, everything is eaten.

4. Serpent heart
The snake is cooked in various ways a Hong Kong and Vietnam. But it seems that the true delicacy is his heart, which is usually left to the breadwinner.

3. March case
In case you didn't know, this specialty is all Italian. Comes from Sardegna and his name means 'rotten cheese'. It comes from the larva of the dairy fly that develops inside the wheel giving rise to this particular cheese, the pecorino with worms.

2. Fried insects
There are those who say that they look like french fries. Maybe ... In Thailand they are also served on the street: grasshoppers, caterpillars, etc. In Asia and Africa, however, there are more than 1900 edible insect species which are easily placed on restaurant menus. For many peoples they are the main source of protein.

1. Grilled mice
Widespread in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, where the mouse is considered a delicacy, much more expensive than other meats. The grilled mice are served cooked with a lot of head and tail, so that you immediately understand that it is not a chicken leg but something else ...

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