The most dangerous roads in the world

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If you love travel by car keep in mind that some very touristy streets they can reserve you nasty surprises. So, before you travel, read what they are the most dangerous roads in the world. And not all of them are overseas. There are two right in Italy.

La Road of the 52 tunnels on Monte Pasubio is a military mule track built during the First World War on the Pasubio massif (SEE THE MAP). The road winds between Bocchetta Campiglia (1.216 m) and the Pasubio gates (1.934 m) crossing the southern slope of the mountain, characterized by spiers, deep throats and perpendicular rock faces. According to the English organization Driving Experience is one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

Il Pass of the Stelvio, in Valtellina, is the highest car crossing in Italy, second in Europe after the Iseran Pass. They count well 60 curve cranked very dangerous.

But number one is there North Yungas Road, in the Bolivia, which leads from the capital, La Paz, to the city of Coroico. His nickname is 'Road of Death' (El camino de la muerte) and derives from the fact that it is the street with the highest number of deaths per mile.

The nickname of this other street should be enough to stop anyone: 'the road that admits no mistakes'. This is the road through the Tunnel di Guoliang, in the Taihang Mountains, China. In the 70s, many died during the construction of this tunnel.

Beautiful but also very dangerous is the Atlantic Ocean Roadin Norway. The road is built on several islands connected by viaducts and eight decks, the tallest of which is the Storseisundet Bridge. It is often affected by very strong currents marine. It is part of the cultural heritage of the country and is considered one of the most beautiful streets in the world.

It is very difficult to get out unscathed from the James W. Dalton Highway, known as Alaska Route 11, which runs through the entire state of Alaska, in the United States. It is 666 kilometers long and is one of the the most isolated roads in the United States. For all vehicles it is recommended to have one Transceiver, moreover, if you travel it in the summer months you have to take into account the possibility of having to face even gods fords. Finally, there is no mobile phone service or Internet connection along the entire route and there are very few points for refueling with petrol. 


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