The most beautiful, weird and interesting streets in the world

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Le strangest streets in the world, in some cases, they are even the most beautiful, because they allow you to admire unforgettable breathtaking views. Let's see together which are the most peculiar ones and where they are located. Among those towns, Lombard Street stands out San Francisco and the Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires. The first is considered the most tortuous, so zigzagging as to be almost impassable, becoming a tourist attraction of the Californian city. The other, in the capital of Argentina, is characterized by the fact that it is the widest in the world: 12 lanes divide the two sides of the road.

Speaking of size, among the strangest streets in the world, we point out the shortest way, only two meters long and which houses only one structure, a hotel that for its particular position has become part of the Guinness Book. This small street is located in Ebenez in Scotland in Northern Europe. In Germany, at Spreuerhoffstrasse, there is instead the narrowest street, and measures just 31 x 50 centimeters, highly not recommended for claustrophobic people. The longest road is in Canada: nearly 2000km connecting Lake Ontario with Lake Simcoe.

The peculiarities of the strangest streets in the world are truly bizarre. In Oceania, and more precisely in New Zealand, is the steepest road in the world, while in Egypt the oldest on the planet. In fact, the road that connected the mines of Cairo with Lake Moeris dates back to almost 5000 years ago. Australia holds the record for the longest highway in the world, the famous Highway 1, which measures like the circumference of the earth. However, there are other roads, really strange and inaccessible, which however offer wonderful landscapes. The most beautiful is l’Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway, with points overlooking the sea.

Among the strangest is also one of the most dangerous, we are talking about the Camino de la Muerte in Bolivia. A path with a unique panorama but considered one of the most dangerous in the world because it is flanked on one side by the walls of the mountains and on the other by a precipice of four thousand meters; the view at that altitude is spectacular, apart from the fog. Remaining in the middle of nature, the most suggestive road is in Europe, in Romania, the Transfagarasan. A path immersed in natural reserves that reach the glacial lake of Balea. A show.

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