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Nature is so varied that it offers fantastic landscapes ranging from colorful mountains to tangled canyons and from snow-capped peaks to peaks overlooking the sea. What better way to discover these magical unspoiled places than with a backpack, equipment and some provisions? Trekking is a popular hiking activity to go to discover the wonders that the place offers and making a ranking of the best places is not at all easy as it is not to order them by beauty. Beauty, you know, is a subjective and personal factor, however we have based ourselves on the common opinions of those who have experienced these experiences firsthand and we are ready to let you discover which are the most beautiful treks in the world!

NB: The following ranking is the result of a survey which involved over 10.000 community users, called to express 3 preferences among the over 100 trekking routes previously selected by the editorial staff.

10 - GR20, France (970 votes)

Let's start from a European destination and very close to Italy. We are in Corsica, where GR stands for Grande Randonnee, which is a long-distance path, in this case of a length of 180 km whose average time to complete it is from 12 to 15 days.

With this route you cross the French island from north-west to south-east, practically from Calenzana to Conca, passing through the mountains of the Regional Natural Park up to the coast. The views on this trek are truly spectacular with incredible mountain scenery and breathtaking views on the nearby Italian coasts. However, in addition to the scenic beauty, there is also the difference in height which makes it a quite difficult path, especially ideal for experienced hikers. In fact, it starts from 275 meters above sea level up to 2.200 meters, and then on the final descent to 252.

9 - Markha Valley, India (1005 votes)

It is located in northern India, in the territory of Ladakh which it is part of the Himalayan mountain system. The valley is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the whole mountain range, crossed by the river of the same name. The place is full of wild landscapes of indisputable beauty, moreover what makes it fascinating is that it is sparsely populated by humans and rich instead of local animals such as lamas. Also along the way meet rural villages almost abandoned and some of the oldest monasteries in the region.

This trek lasts 8 to 10 days and reaches an altitude of 5.500 meters, however it does have one medium difficulty represented not so much by the path itself as by the necessary self-sufficiency in terms of food and accommodation. In fact, in the valley there are no points of support and most of the time we leave in the company of a horseman who acts as a guide and in the meantime takes care of everything. Yes, perhaps a bit of an extreme trek but it is certainly worth it for the panoramic views of the mountainous and rocky landscapes all around!

8 - Pays Dogon, Mali (1097 votes)

In Africa there are millions of ethnic groups, among which there are the Dogon who have made Pays Dogon their territory. This stretches between a plateau and a flat area, and it is without a doubt the most touristic area of ​​the country due to the rich cultural and natural heritage, here there are many temples and shrines dedicated to the local religion.

This trek lasts 2 days, starting from the Niger River and entering a scenario of red earth, typical of Africa. They cross deserted streets and caves until you reach the village where this people live. Here there is an imposing rock formation, the Bandiagara Cliff, under which you can admire the typical red sandstone houses with thatched and mud roofs. An indescribable sight and undoubtedly one of those cases where words do not do justice to what really awaits you!

7 - Rainbow Mountain, Peru (1112 votes)

Who has never seen a photo of Rainbow Mountain? Certainly one of the most photographed and posted on social media! In southern Peru, near the city of Cusco, it is located Vinicunca, the famous rainbow mountain on the Andes chain whose fame derives precisely from the characteristic vertical and parallel streaks of 7 different colors given by minerals such as sulfur, copper, granite etc.

A mountain that undoubtedly intrigues a lot, however trekking for reaching the top is not at all easy and suitable for everyone. The mountain is 5.200 meters high and the estimated time for the ascent is around 4 hours between steep and other flat sections that give a slight relief to the legs. Furthermore, between 4.000 and 5.000 meters above sea levella breathing may feel heavy, in fact, some may need special masks, but reaching the colorful summit and the view that awaits you on the valley are a great reason not to give up and complete this spectacular trek.

6 - Grand Canyon Rim Trail, USA (1199 votes)

E' among the most famous treks to the world e leads to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, making it one of the most beautiful and fascinating in the world.
The Grand Canyon is an immense gorge 446 meters long, 1.857 meters deep and with a variable width from 500 meters to 29 km, created over thousands of years by the Colorado River that has eroded, carved and shaped the rocks giving life to a real spectacle of nature.

Following this path you go from South Kaibab to Hermit's Rest, 21 km of spectacular views over the particular rock formations of the reddish canyon. There are many excursion options, including the most common one-day trip, suitable for everyone, even for less experienced trekkers.

5 - Overland Track, Australia (1207 votes)

In Australia, but precisely in Tasmania, the Overland Track is a 65km route that crosses Cradle Mountain National Park to Lake St Clair. Walking yes they cross landscapes of various kinds and different from each other such as glacial mountains, rainforests, rivers and plains and this is precisely the peculiarity of this trek.

The walk is not demanding as long as you equip yourself with everything you need considering that it takes an average of 5 or 6 days to complete it and, if you want, you can extend it by another day if you choose to do the tour around the lake. Is it possible pernottare inside the park, during the days of trekking, in a series of characteristic huts, very comfortable, which contribute to making the experience unique and unforgettable.

4 - The Narrows, USA (1250 votes)

A beautiful one US canyon, within Zion National Park, Utah.
It is in fact a very narrow gorge through which the Virgin River flows between very high red rock walls. This time it is not a trek with panoramic views but ratherun trail at low altitude that follows the course of the river, within the river itself! The route stretches for nearly 13km from Sinawava Temple to Big Springs and is doable in a full day. Obviously the recommended period for this excursion is summer, at most the beginning of autumn, due to the water level which increases during the winter requiring the use of a full wetsuit. In the periods indicated, on the other hand, you can easily deal with short shorts and rest assured that you will never have water above your waist.

3 - Inca Trail, Peru (1271 votes)

This is one of the most beautiful treks Peruvian path leading to the UNESCO archaeological site Machu Picchu, or the ruins of an ancient city of the Inca people located at an altitude of 4.200 meters. This trek takes place on the Andes mountain range and can last 1 or 2 days depending on the path you choose to take between the 3 options of varying difficulty: Mollepata, Classic and One Day.

Whatever path you choose, The Inca Trail pays off every effort in the best possible way, not only when you reach the extraordinary terminus with a view of Machu Picchu, but also during the route itself full of settlements, tunnels and other ruins, in addition to the fact that you cross different natural environments passing for example from the rainforest to the alpine tundra.

2 - Cerro Chalten, Argentina (1283 votes)

It is one of the best trekking in Argentina and also in the whole world: it is also known as Monte Fitz Roy. In the extreme south of Latin America lies the extraordinary region of Patagonia and it is here that Cerro Chalten is located, precisely on the border between Argentina and Chile, and between Los Glaciares National Park and Bernardo O'Higgins National Park.

This trek takes you to an altitude of 3.405 meters where it offers a spectacular panoramic view made up of pointed and snow-capped peaks and the view from above on the Laguna de Los Tres, a lake with a crystalline color. The paths to reach the summit are varied and with various difficulties, but all secured e with the necessary reports, therefore a guide is not necessarily required and you can go there and back within a whole day.

1 - Everest Base Camp, Nepal (1301 votes)

It is not the place of arrival of a route, but the trekking itself. Everest is part of the Himalaya mountain range and is its highest peak but also the highest in the world with 8.848 meters of height, located between Nepal and China.
The base camp it is a demanding itinerary that ends at an altitude of 5.364 meters, at the foot of the Khumbu Glacier for which even more challenging guided expeditions depart from here.

This route requires a travel time of between 8 and 10 days, taking the time necessary to rest and refresh yourself along the way at the various rural structures that meet. Many choose to to be accompanied by a Sherpa, ethnicity of the place, to have, as well as an expert guide, also a cultural experience. Once you reach the base camp, you can only sit in silence and admire in the total surrounding peace, a beautiful setting made of equally high, snow-covered and pristine peaks.

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