The most beautiful sunset in the world is found in Sicily

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When the clock strikes the end of the day and the beginning of the night it reminds us that the most beautiful show ever is about to be staged by nature. It is the sun, which prepares to meet the horizon, and then disappears in it, coloring the sky with infinite shades of red.

And it is precisely sunset, which has enchanted and fascinated artists, illustrators, painters and writers for centuries, which has become a highly sought-after destination for travelers from all over the world. Because the golden hour lasts for the truest and most authentic emotions ever.

And to discover all the magic of the sunset, there is no need to fly to Ayers Rock in Australia or Kenya, because it is in Italy, and more precisely in Sicily, that one of the most beautiful shows in the world.

Salt pans of Marsala at sunset

In the stretch of road that connects Trapani to Marsala there is a natural park of incredible beauty, an extraordinary lagoon which, based on the position of the sun, offers an unprecedented and superlative palette of colors. It is said that here it is possible to observe the most beautiful sunset in the world.

in Salt pans of the Lagoon, the spectacle of the setting sun is so beautiful that it looks like it was painted by an artist. The fiery red, in fact, blends with the white salt dunes and the colors of the water. Everything is made even more suggestive by the natural setting of the lagoon that hosts the Mulino d’Infersa and from the panorama of the Isola Lunga visible from the west side. A natural paradise in which they live together in perfect balance nature, history, archeology and beauty.

Salt pans of Marsala

The sunset of the salt pans of Marsala was awarded the fourth place among the most beautiful sunsets in the world by Trm which has taken into account the preferences of travelers. And looking at some of the photographs taken in this natural paradise, which seems not to know the laws of time and space, we can only agree.

The polychromies of the sunset are reflected on the water contained in the salt pans and it is magic. The windmill, then, returns a unique scenographic vision, a real joy for the eyes and for the heart of the observers.

To admire the most beautiful sunset in the world, the advice is to go to the historic landing stage to reach Mozia and the Stagnone Islands, where a platform with a hundred chairs has been installed to allow citizens and travelers to witness the most beautiful sunset. of the world.

Salt pans of Marsala at sunset

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