The most beautiful small ports in Europe

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The most beautiful small ports in Europe

National Geographic has chosen the most beautiful tourist destinations, from Gdansk to Alesund to Portofino

January 11 2013

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The most beautiful marinas in Europe. Photo

They are small jewels set between sea e land, very characteristic tourist landings that showcase the city. They are scattered throughout Europe and National Geographic chose the six most beautiful. Italy was missing from the ranking and we at Virgilio tried to make up for it with one of the most beautiful and famous marinas in the world. If you want to know what it is, scroll down the ranking.

Gdansk, in Poland, is located on the eastern part of the bay of the same name. Overlooks the Baltic Sea and is the sixth most populated city in the nation. Gdansk has two ports, the new ferry port and ships cargo and the old one, characteristic and picturesque, with a pier that reaches the heart of the city.

Ajaccio is the capital and the most important city of the Corsica. For its strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea it has always been one of the most important ports of the Old Continent. The natural inlet in which the city is located makes the tourist port unique of its kind.

Valletta, the capital of Malta, rises between two large inlets, in each there is a port. The big one, for ships from cruise and the commercial ones and that of "Marsamuschetto", for small boats from tourism.

Zara, in Croatia, overlooks the Adriatic sea and is the pearl of Dalmatia. Historically "Italian" for origins and culture, it was part of the Republic of Venice and the Austrian Empire. Its marina is characterized by a beautiful cliff and a suggestive view over the old part of the city.

Alesund, in Norway, is located in the northern part of the country, in the region of the fjords, on three small islands connected to each other. The city is known as the Norwegian capital of fish and from its small marinas, many fishing boats leave every day to hunt in the North Sea.

Tallin is the capital ofEstonia, overlooking the Baltic Sea and is located on the north coast of the country. Its port is of medieval origin and is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Here ends the ranking of National Geographic, in our opinion the most beautiful marina in Europe is another.

Portofino is a small town of 460 souls in the province of GenoVa. Thanks to the natural and unique beauty of its marina, nestled between the rocks, it is considered one of the villages most characteristic and picturesque in the world.  

All that remains is to rent a small boat and start your personal and unforgettable cruise.

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