The most beautiful rivers in the world

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The most beautiful rivers in the world

If you think that everyone prefers the classic sea to the river, you are wrong. In fact, there are many people who prefer the river destinations. If you too are looking for a destination a little different from the usual, here is the ranking drawn up by Forbies on ten most beautiful rivers in the world.

The most beautiful of all is the Crystal Spout, a river that is located in Colombia and which is famous for its colored waters due to some particular algae that transform the surface into a kaleidoscope. The second most beautiful river is the Futaleufu River, between Chile and Argentina, whose waters derive from the melting of glaciers and for this reason are very blue. The third most beautiful river is it Zambesi, which crosses six African countries and which has its most famous point at Victoria Falls, the highest in the world.

The ranking continues with the river Yangtze, in China, theHanalei in Hawaii and the Danube, which crosses ten countries in central Europe, including Austria and Budapest. The one on the Danube is one of the most beautiful cruises that can be done. Another beautiful river is theHudson, which we know because it wets New York City, but which actually touches many villages and natural landscapes including some canyon.

In the top 10, the Mekong. , one of the most important rivers of Asia because it is the primary sustenance of entire villages. Beautiful for the landscape that surrounds it is the river Kenaiin Alaska, populated by salmon and inhabited by bears. Finally, the river Sprea, which runs through the Germany and which has its finest point a Berlin. Do you agree with this ranking?

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