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Are you a fan of the most famous sport in the world? Do you never miss a visit to a stadium when on vacation? Then here is what the ranking of the most beautiful football stadiums in the world.
Maybe someone will take you for crazy but a visit to these great stages and their museums is a must.

15 - Olympic Stadium, Rome

  • Capacity: 73261 seats.
  • Teams that play there: Rome and Lazio.
  • Year of construction: 1927, (inaugurated in 1953).

Having a track around the pitch also hosts the Golden Gala of Athletics. It was called Olympic in 1960 following the Olympics that took place in Rome. It was renovated with the construction of a cover following the 1990 World Cup. In 1996 and 2009 it hosted the Champions League finals.

14 - FNB Stadium, Johannesburg

  • Capacity: 94700 places
  • Teams playing there: South African national team, Kaizer Chiefs Football Club
  • Year of construction: 1987

Fu renovated for the World Cup of 2010 football.

13 - Da Luz Stadium, Lisbon

  • Capacity: 65647 places
  • Teams that play there: Benfica
  • Year of construction: 2003

In this stadium some matches of the 2004 and the European Championships have been played 2013/2014 Champions League final.

12 - Maracana, Rio De Janeiro

  • Capacity: 92000 places
  • Teams that play there: Botafogo, Flamengo, Fluminense e Vasco Da Gama.
  • Year of construction: 1948

It was the seat of the tragic final between Brazil and Uruguay of the 1950 World Cup, the famous "maracanazo". It also hosted some matches of the 2013 Confederation Cup and the 2014 World Cup.

11 - Camp Nou, Barcelona

  • Capacity: 99354 places
  • Teams that play there: Barcelona
  • Year of construction: 1953

In the past, the Spanish stadium hosted some matches of the 1982 World Cup, the final of the old 1989 Champions Cup won by Milan and the 1999 Champions League final won by Manchester United.
The works of renovation of the plant sports will be entrusted to the famous architect Norman Foster e the capacity will be brought up to 106000 spectators.

10 - Emirates Stadium, London

  • Capacity: 60260 places
  • Teams that play there: Arsenal
  • Year of construction: 2004

Thanks to an agreement with the Brazilian Football Federation, the Brazilian national team plays their friendlies in this stadium.

9 - Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam

  • Capacity: 51628 places
  • Teams that play there: Ajax
  • Year of construction: 1994

The Dutch stadium hosted the Champions League final in 1998 between Juventus and Real Madrid, some European matches in 2000 and the 2013 Europa League final between Chelsea and Benfica.

8 - Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid

  • Capacity: 81044 places
  • Teams that play there: Real Madrid
  • Year of construction: 1944

It was the venue for some matches of the 1982 World Cup including the final, three finals of the old Champions Cup e one of the Champions League.

7 - Juventus Stadium, Turin

  • Capacity: 41000 places
  • Teams that play there: Juventus
  • Year of construction: 2009

Here in the 2013 / 2014 season the Europa League final between Sevilla and Benfica, won by the Spaniards on penalties.

6 - San Siro, Milan

  • Capacity: 81277 places
  • Teams that play there: Milan and Inter
  • Year of construction: 1925

It hosted some matches of the 1980 European Football Championships, the 1990 World Cup, two Champions Cup finals, one of the Champions League, four Uefa Cup finals and four European Super Cup finals.

5 - Wembley Stadium, London

  • Capacity: 90000 places
  • Teams that play it: English National
  • Year of construction: 1922

This sports facility it was demolished in 2003 and replaced with the new Wembley Stadium inaugurated in 2007. In the old stadium there was the memorable concert by the English rock band Queen.

4 - Old Trafford, Manchester

  • Capacity: 75653 places
  • Teams that play there: Manchester United
  • Year of construction: 1909

Old Trafford hosted some matches of the 1966 World Cup, the 1996 European Championships, the 2012 Olympics football tournament, a Champions League final and a Uefa Super Cup final.

3 - Park of the Princes, Paris

  • Capacity: 48527 places
  • Teams that play there: PSG
  • Year of construction: 1897

The PSG stadium has hosted over the years three Champions Cup finals, one of the Uefa Cup and some matches of the 1998 World Cup.

2 - Stamford Bridge, London

  • Capacity: 41798 places
  • Teams that play there: Chelsea
  • Year of construction: 1876

The Stamford Bridge hosted in the early 20s three FA Cup finals.

1 - Allianz Arena, Munich

  • Capacity: 75024 places
  • Teams playing: Bayern Monaco
  • Year of construction: 2002

This splendid sports facility hosted some matches of the 2006 World Cup in Germany won by Marcello Lippi's Italy and one Champions League final in the 2011/2012 season between Bayern Munich and Chelsea won by the English on penalties.

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