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Punctually with the arrival of the summer season we all perceive an irrepressible desire to run on the beach. And in fact, what could be better to combat the heat than a regenerating swim in clear and crystalline waters? We Italians, then, are a people of saints and sailors, sailors by cultural tradition, so we just can't resist the call of the sea.
Luckily, great places to enjoy wonders of the Mediterranean certainly not lacking, and among all the beautiful places today we want to tell you about Ventotene, insular pearl that rises in the Tyrrhenian SeaEtc.


  1. Cala Nave
  2. Cala Rossano
  3. At the Lighthouse
  4. Saline area
  5. Calabattaglia
  6. Punta Eolo
  7. Punta Pascone
  8. The Sconciglie
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1 - Cala Nave

Pure and transparent sea, soft and very fine sand with characteristic bronzed reflections. Cala Neve it is among the most beautiful and famous beaches of Ventotene, certainly the most popular. The panorama is embellished by the profile ofSanto Stefano island. It is located in the north-eastern area of ​​Ventotene, accessible by land and not too far from the streets of the historic center, for this reason easily reachable on foot. It is well equipped, full of restaurants, clubs and equipped beaches.

2 - Cala Rossano

It's a small one beach overlooking the harbor, smaller in size than Cala Nave but equally astonishing, with its soft colored sand and clear sea despite its proximity to the port. Really remarkable for its natural and landscape value, even here there are some bars and refreshment points.

3 - At the Lighthouse

Il Ventotene lighthouse it is located south of Porto Nicola. This particularly suggestive place offers spectacular sunsets on the island. Adjacent to the lighthouse there are some rocks from which you can access the sea. Also here it is possible to rent umbrellas and sunbeds, so if you are not a lover of sand this could be the right seaside resort for you.

4 - Saline area

Not very far from Old Port of Ventotene, are i remains of ancient salt pans dating back to Roman times.
Also from this area it is possible to access the sea for a regenerating bath.

5 - Calabattaglia

Suggestive expanse of fine black sand. In the past it was possible reach it through a steep path, at times really tiring. Today this path no longer exists. In order to reach this little corner of paradise you have to travel by sea. The black sand mixed with the emerald color of the waters gives the landscape a completely unique charm.

6 - Punta Eolo

The locality Punta Eolo is famous for the remains of Villa Giulia, ancient home of imperial exiles. The surrounding waters are truly incredible. Northwest of Punta Eolo it is possible practice diving near the wreck of Santa Lucia, an ancient steamship sunk in 1943. Today the wreck lies on the seabed covered by very interesting species of great value.

7 - Punta Pascone

Although its fame is much more contained, the Punta Pascone area it is worth visiting as much as the others. It too is a place beaten by diving enthusiasts because of the fabulous Secca dell'Archetto, a tunnel located over 300 meters deep which serves as a natural habitat for marine species such as sponges, mullets and anemones.

8 - The Sconciglie

It seems that the Sconciglie (or Sconcigli) are linked to the myth of the Sirens and Ulysses. According to ancient legends and popular traditions, these rocks would coincide with the "islands" from which the Sirens tried to charm the brave king of Ithaca and his crew. In the shoal between the two rocks it is possible dive to explore stunning natural wonders.

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How to get there from Rome and Naples

Ventotene is a small island off the western coast of Italy, located between Rome and Naples and belonging to the Pontine archipelago.
The main advantage of Ventotene is its character of remote and out of this world island. This is an excellent place to get away from it all, a special place to spend a few days of peace. Despite this, Ventotene is easily accessible by ferry and hydrofoil of the Laziomar company. The main ports to leave for the island are three:

  • From Formia: located in the province of Latina, from the port it takes about two hours by ferry and an hour by catamaran to reach the island with prices starting from € 11,80 (one way) - Get directions
  • From Terracina: located in the province of Latina, it will take about 1 hour to reach the island with prices starting from € 11,00 (one way) - Get directions
  • From Naples: from the Port of Mergellina in about 2 hours to reach the island with prices starting from € 12,00 (one way) - Get directions

Where to sleep nearby: hotels, resorts and b & bs

With prices starting from € 30,00 per night it is possible to stay in one of the b & bs on the island; most of the hotels are located in the central area of ​​the island a few minutes from the nearby beaches:

  • Hotel Villa Lulia: Piazza XX Settembre 2, Ventotene - Get directions
  • Other accommodation in Ventotene: Hotels and b & b starting from € 80,00 per room -

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