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In that little West African state called Senegal and with capital Dakar they hide really interesting natural beauties. but yet Senegal, among the various African States, it is not very popular with tourists: sin! Because if you love the sea, beaches and Relax, this nation could be for you.
The beaches of Senegal are Sparse and some of them very popular, both by people in search of relaxation and by fishermen. Scroll through the list and consult the 10 most beautiful beaches in Senegal!


  1. Cap Skirring
  2. Langue de Barbarie
  3. Saly
  4. NGor Beach
  5. Plage Popenguine
  6. Somone
  7. Sliding
  8. Kafountine
  9. Toubab Dialaw
  10. Nianing
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1 - Cap Skirring

  • Where it is: Cap Skirring, near Kabrousse, border with Guinea-Bissau
  • How to get there: fromCap Skirring Airport, the beach is only 5 km. You can get there by taxi.

Located on the border with the state of Guinea-Bissau, under the mouth of the Casamance River, the Cap Skirring beach consists of miles of sand with palm trees, And the ocean temperatures stimulate relaxation. Many Senegalese women sell exotic fruits by carrying baskets on their heads.

2 - Langue de Barbarie

  • Where it is: narrow strip of sandy soil located near St. Louis
  • How to get there: take one of the frequent ones boats

Langue de Barbarie is there peninsula that shelters Saint-Louis from the Atlantic Ocean. white sandy beaches they are very nice and ideal for relaxing, and are very popular lovers of water sports.

3 - Saly

  • Where it is found: in the Petite Côte, 67 km south of Dakar
  • How to get there: from Dakar take the A1 and N1. The journey takes about 1h and 20.

Saly is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Petite Côte of Senegal, and the economy of the area revolves around tourism. The beaches are often crowded with foreign tourists.

4 - NGor Beach

  • Where is it: beach on the small island opposite Dakar, on the westernmost tip of Africa
  • How to get there: from NGor on the mainland take the motorized pirogue

Very populated beach from both fishermen that bathers. Great place for the brunch, there are some fantastic restaurants that serve oysters. Na NGor boats depart approximately every 30 minutes.

5 - Plage Popenguine

  • Where is it: 60 km south of Dakar
  • How to get there: rent a car, drive A1 and N1 and near Since turn right towards Popenguine

The Popenguine area is famous for its nature reserve, For the religion (it is an important pilgrimage site for the Catholics of the region) and for the beautiful beaches. In particular the Plage Popenguine è always clean, and of free access and never overcrowded. Taking a canoe you can visit the surrounding areas.

6 - Somone

  • Where is it: near the Somone lagoon, Between Guéréo and Ngaparou
  • How to get there: from Dakar, take the N1 and arrived at Nguékhokh take the direction of the coast to the right

About 70 km from Dakar, Somone beach is a favorite destination for lovers of water sports such as jet-skiing and surfing. Made up of magnificent sand, the beach is surrounded by vegetation.

7 - Kayar

  • Where is it: on the side of the Gran Côte, in north of Dakar;
  • How to get there: from Dakar take the A1 and then turn left towards Bambilor - Bayakh - Kayar

Kayar is one small coastal town about 60 km north of Dakar. The village lives a lot on fishery, so dozens of fishing canoes land on the beach every day.

8 - Kafountine

  • Where it is located: south of the Gambia coast
  • How to get there: fromZiguinchor airport take the N4 then the N5. Arrived at Diouloulou turn right

Kafountine Beach hosts a micro-cosmos of fishermen from Ghana, Guinea and Gambia. A short distance from the sand, the canoe which will then act as fishing boats and more.

9 - Toubab Dialaw

  • Where is it: just north of Popenguine, 42 km south of Dakar
  • How to get there: from Dakar take the A1 and N1. Soon after Mbourouk turn right

Toubab Dialaw is another small coastal town whose economy once again revolves around fishing. The area is opening up a lot to tourism, and the peaceful environment favors the swimming and walks along the beach.

10 - Nianing

  • Where is it: a 11 km south of M'bour
  • How to get there: take the coastal road towards Nianing

Quiet beach, temperate weather e numerous hotels make Nianing an increasingly popular place for national and international tourism. The area is ideal for those looking for, in addition to the sea, oneclose contact with nature.

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