The most beautiful beaches of San Vito lo Capo in Sicily

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Crystal clear sea, accessible beach, corners dedicated to trekking, romantic walks, family outings. Such a complete holiday package is no longer a dream if the chosen destination to spend them is San Vito Lo Capo. This corner of paradise located in Sicily offers an infinite range of possibilities.

The list of most beautiful beaches included within the territory of San Vito Lo Capo could, with good reason, be really kilometric. We will limit ourselves to listing the best known, the most loved by vacationers, without forgetting that it is still a vast area to be discovered ...


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Zingaro beaches: Cala Marinella, Cala Dell'Uzzo, Cala Tonnarella dell'Uzzo

Located halfway between the municipalities of San Vito lo Capo and Castellammare del Golfo, the Zingaro Nature Reserve offers 7 beautiful beaches. You may decide to visit only Cala Tonnarella dell'Uzzo, Cala dell'Uzzo and Cala Marinella (i.e. the beaches closest to the North entrance, located in the San Vito area). Or you could do a complete itinerary of the Reserve starting from the North Entrance and arriving at the South entrance, also visiting Cala Berretta, Cala della Disa, Cala del Varo and Cala Capreria (which are closer to the Castellammare side). The complete visit of the coast is recommended for people who are rather trained and used to trekking routes (the route is about 6 km long).

  • beach type: several beaches available, some sandy, others pebble, others mixed.
  • lidos / bathing establishments: not available
  • Features: all the beaches are perfect for snorkeling and diving. Inside the reserve it is possible to make three trekking routes, in addition there are some small museums. The beach closest to the entrance is often crowded; between one beach and the other there are several minutes of walking (closed shoes and a good supply of water are essential). The entrance fee is € 5,00
  • you can reach the North entrance of the Reserve (the one near San Vito lo Capo) via the State Road 187 following the signs for Villaggio Calampiso - Riserva Zingaro. It is 12,5 km / 23 minutes by car. Get directions

Cala Grottazza

Located just north of the Riserva dello Zingaro, precisely about 2,8 km walk from the parking lot, this small beach offers beautiful waters in which to dive. Given its proximity to the Reserve, it is often included in the one-day itinerary to discover the various coves.

  • beach type: sand mixed with pebbles
  • lidos / bathing establishments: not available / free beach
  • Features: crystal clear water, it is less crowded than the beaches of the reserve.
  • it is 11,8 km from San Vito and can be reached in 22 minutes by car. Get directions

Lake of Venus

It is a little known but very interesting place, that is a small saltwater pond formed hundreds of years ago by the fall into water of some rocks collapsed from the mountain. Today this body of water it is home to many fish, therefore an ideal place to snorkel.

  • beach type: rocks
  • lidos / bathing establishments: not available / free beach
  • Features: crystal clear water and calm sea, ideal conditions for snorkeling
  • it is 6,9 km from San Vito and can be reached in 16 minutes by car. Get directions

Tonnara del Secco beach

Wild charm, full of mystery and suitable for snorkelling lovers: ready to experience a "pirate" adventure in Tonnara del Secco?

  • beach type: rocky
  • lidos / bathing establishments: not available / free beach
  • Features: suitable for lovers of snorkelling and fishwatching (the seabed is full of all sorts of fish species). the seabed is immediately very deep, therefore it is not very suitable for children
  • from San Vito Lo Capo, just take the SP63, starting from the east towards the SP16. It is 4,4 km / 9 minutes by car. Get directions

Beach of San Vito Lo Capo

Picturesque, suggestive, fascinating. With its equipped promenade, shallow waters and crystal clear water, San Vito Lo Capo undoubtedly has all the credentials to give every kind of tourist an unforgettable stay.

  • beach type: fine white sand
  • lidos / bathing establishments: the beach of San Vito Lo Capo is mostly free. However, there is the Al Sabbione bathing establishment (via Lungomare. Telephone: +39 0923 972481), with equipped staff, toilets and mini club for the little ones.
  • Features: clear and crystalline waters, nightlife and services of all kinds. Overcrowded in high season.
  • It is the beach of the seafront. For those staying in San Vito it can be easily reached on foot. Get directions

Beaches of the Gulf of Macari: Isolidda, Bue Marino, Caletta Rosa

Overlooking the Gulf of Macari, in a stretch of coast less than a kilometer long, three beaches are concentrated, one more beautiful than the other: Isolidda Beach, Bue Marino Beach and Caletta Rosa.

Elected "The most beautiful you are" in 2016 by Legambiente, the Cala Bue Marino and certainly the best of the three, capable of conquering the visitor at first glance. This is thanks to the crystalline waters of its sea, the nearby cliffs of Cala Mancina, the colorful colors of its flora.

  • beach type: white pebbles
  • lidos / bathing establishments: free beach
  • spaces for dogs / animals: Yes
  • Features: favorite destination for snorkelers (thanks to the proximity to the Isulidda beach) and unspoiled nature.
  • The three beaches are about 4,6 km from the town and can be reached in 7 minutes by car

Santa Margherita Bay: Santa Margherita, Scaru Brucia, Cala Bove, Seno dell'Arena, A Chianca

La Baia Santa Margherita it is a jewel to be photographed and experienced in stark contrast to the chaos and nightlife of the city center, located near the hamlet Castelluzzo, just 10 minutes from San Vito Lo Capo.

Suspended between the sea and the mountains, this inlet offers 5 coves all very close to each other, nestled between the natural reserves of Monte Cofano and dello Zingaro, and not far from the fishing village Macari.

The main one is the Santa Margherita beach, followed by Scaru Brucia, Cala Bove (Scaru Zu Asparu), the Seno dell'Arena beach (Calazza) and the Chianca beach (La Lastra).

  • beach type: sand and pebbles
  • lidos / bathing establishments: the beach of Baia Santa Margherita is free, but equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds and bikes for hire, free transport by train and refreshment point
  • Features: clean sea, presence of parking (access to the bay by own vehicle is limited), shuttle bus that connects the main beach of Santa Margherita to the other nearby coves.
  • Baia Santa Margherita is located near Castelluzzo and can be reached by taking the SP16 starting from San Vito Lo Capo (westbound). It is 7,6 km away and can be reached in 12 minutes by car. Get directions

What to do and see in the surrounding area

Choosing to experience a dream holiday near San Vito lo Capo means throwing yourself body and soul into activities in contact with nature, especially thanks to land excursions or mini-cruises to be carried out around this magnificent area.

  • Boat excursions: there are numerous packages available to tourists to visit the fabulous areas between San Vito lo Capo, Castelluzzo and the Zingaro Reserve. For more info visit
  • Hiking: with the help of agencies you can organize excursions to other places of interest in the Trapani area such as Selinunte and Segesta, Erice, the Saline di Trapani and Marsala and others. For more info visit
  • Unmissable events: in the month of June (13 - 15) the Feast of San Vito takes place, which commemorates the landing at sunset of the Patron Saint with his Preceptors on the beach to the sound of the sirens of the fishermen's boats. In September, the Cous Cous Fest is an international event that combines culinary competitions, music, tastings, cooking shows.

Where to sleep nearby: hotels, resorts and b & bs

Sleeping in San Vito lo Capo and surroundings can become a more than pleasant experience, thanks to the endless stay options in the immediate vicinity of the beach

  • Albergo Auralba: via Fiorio d'Ischia - cross via Faro, San Vito lo Capo - Get directions
  • B&B Selene: Via Recanati 10, San Vito lo Capo - Get directions
  • Poseidon Residence: Via Pier Santi Mattarella 22, San Vito lo Capo - Get directions
  • Other accommodation in San Vito lo Capo: Hotels and b & b starting from € 45,00 per room -

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