The Most Beautiful Beaches of Porto Cesareo in Apulia

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Immersed in the Mediterranean scrub of Southern Italy there is a dream place, nestled in the Apulian coast. It is about Porto Cesareo, a small town that every year attracts hundreds of tourists for the summer season thanks to its fantastic beaches.
These beaches extend for several kilometers and include not only the sea, but also unspoiled nature, as evidenced by the flora and fauna of the place: in this place if you are lucky you might see herons, loggerhead turtles and egrets, all surrounded by myrtle, juniper, thyme and much more.

If you are curious to know more, here we have reported the most beautiful beaches of Porto Cesareo in Puglia, it could be a good idea for a holiday not to be forgotten.

1 - Porto Cesareo beach

The first beach we are talking about is of course the urban beach of Porto Cesareo, probably the most comfortable and easy to reach, located less than 4 minutes walk from the marina and the Torre Cesarea, but above all full of services for any kind of tourist, from groups of young people to families with children.

  • beach type: sand
  • lidos / bathing establishments: there are beaches equipped for the rental of umbrellas and deck chairs
  • Features: close to the center, near the Cesarea tower and the Museum of Marine Biology, white and fine beach, full of services
  • for those who stay in the municipality of Porto Cesareo, the beach can be reached on foot, it is less than 4 minutes walk from the marina. Get directions

2 - Torre Chianca beach

In Torre Chianca the transparent water and the fine sandy beach attract tourists from all over Italy every year. The area presents several lidos and bathing establishments of which you can use, even if you will also have the free beach, which you can easily access.

  • beach type: sand
  • lidos / bathing establishments: there are beaches equipped for the rental of umbrellas and deck chairs
  • Features: easy access, fine white beach, crystal clear water, landscape
  • From Lecce take bus 104 and change to 110 after 7 stops. By car, take the SS01 or SP4. Get directions

3 - punta prosciutto beach

La Punta Prosciutto beach of Porto Cesareo, also known as Palude del Conte, is made of a soft white sand, virgin and uncontaminated.
It is a unique beach of its kind, made of dunes that run through it and luxuriant vegetation, which is part of the Regional Natural Park.

  • beach type: sand
  • lidos / bathing establishments: there are beaches equipped for the rental of umbrellas and deck chairs
  • Features: sandy bottom, transparent water, the stretch of free beach is quite crowded
  • from Lecce take bus 104 and change to 110 after 7 stops. By car, take the provincial road 122 towards torre lapillo: after Torre Colimena turn right. Get directions

4 - Beach of the Dunes

Among the beaches of Porto Cesareo, a short distance from Torre Chianca, there is the Beach of the Dunes. With thick vegetation behind it and crystal clear water in front, this beach made of very fine sand is perhaps the most "urban" of those in Porto Cesareo. Inside you will find all comforts, including an excellent restaurant a few steps from the sea.

  • beach type: sand
  • lidos / bathing establishments: present restaurant / beach with all services
  • Features: panorama, restaurant not far from the beach, equipped beach
  • From Bari, by car, take the SS16. There is no public transport to get to Spiaggia delle Dune. Get directions

5 - Rabbit Beach (or Isola Grande)

La Rabbits Beach (or Isola Grande) is very particular. Located on a small island not far from the coast of Porto Cesareo, it can be reached by fishing boats and special "boats". However, the nature on the island is completely unspoiled and represents an excellent alternative for those who love the "wild" sea.

  • beach type: sand
  • lidos / bathing establishments: there are no beaches on the island
  • Features: uncontaminated sea, uncrowded, it is a bit difficult to reach the island, lack of beaches
  • from Lecce take bus 104. By car, take the SP 4 / SP119 / SS101. Then take the ferry that leaves from the port. Get directions

6 - Torre Lapillo beach

La Torre Lapillo beach is a must in Porto Cesareo. With its facilities a stone's throw from the beach and affordable prices, it attracts visitors throughout the summer season. Here, easy access to the beach, made of fine sand and crystal clear sea, perfect for a peaceful swim even for the little ones, will allow you to enjoy a relaxing day without worrying about anything.

  • beach type: sand
  • lidos / bathing establishments: some beaches are available
  • Features: affordable prices, crowded beach
  • by bus from Lecce take the 104 and change to the 110. By car, take the SP4 or SP359. Get directions

Other beaches nearby

It is good to underline that there are many other beaches that are worth a visit around Porto Cesareo. Although they are not part of the municipal area, these can be easily reached if you have your own means of transport available. Here are some of the most beautiful:

  1. Porto Selvaggio (in the Municipality of Nardò, 16 km away / 18 minutes by car - Get directions)
  2. Sant'Isidoro (in the Municipality of Nardò, 6,3 km away / 10 minutes by car - Get directions)
  3. Santa Maria al Bagno beach (in the Municipality of Nardò, 21 km away / 25 minutes by car - Get directions)

How to get to Porto Cesareo

  • By car: Porto Cesareo is 42 km from Lecce (40 minutes by car), 66 km from Brindisi (56 minutes by car), 145 km from Taranto (1 hour and 20 minutes by car), 186 km from Bari (2 hours by car) .
  • By train: the reference station is that of Lecce, connected to all the main Italian cities. From Lecce take advantage of private transfers, or in the summer, of the "Salento in Bus" coaches (about 1 hour journey).
  • By plane: the local airport is the 'Casale' one of Brindisi (Salento Airport). From here reach Lecce by private shuttles / transfers (just over 40 minutes) and then move by bus to Porto Cesareo (1 hour).

Where to sleep in Porto Cesareo: hotels, resorts and b & b

Sleeping in Porto Cesareo it's that simple. In fact, the area is full of B & Bs, hotels, resorts and holiday homes to suit all budgets and needs. We bring you some that will pamper you with their comforts, but there are many others to discover:

  • Samana B&B: Via Lago di Lesina, 73010, Porto Cesareo
  • Club Azzurro Hotel & Resort: Via Club Azzurro 40, 73010, Porto Cesareo
  • Masseria Tenuta Quintino: SP 359 Km 4.800, 73010, Porto Cesareo
  • Discover other hotels and b & b in Porto Cesareo from € 50,00 per room

What to do around Porto Cesareo

If you want to explore the Porto Cesareo area you can take advantage of the boat rentals or structures for the Diving. You could also always visit the Natural Park with its beauties as well as take a tour of the architectural beauties of the area, such as the recently restored Torre Lapillo tower. Below you will find information about the companies that deal with water sports in the Porto Cesareo area.

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