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iorno children, places to spend time with family, friends or in the company of anyone and have fun, thus forgetting all problems. These places are amusement parks: themed or aquatic, full of attractions suitable for everyone, with restaurants and shows at any time of day. And there are many more of them than you think!

Are you ready to become children again with us? Here is the ranking of largest and most beautiful amusement parks in Europe.

PS: The following ranking is the result of a survey that involved over 10.000 users of the community, called to express their preferences by choosing the 3 most beautiful parks among the largest previously selected by the editorial staff.

10 - Legoland Windsor, United Kingdom

The park is located in Windsor, an English city in the United Kingdom, 40 km west of London. From the name you will have already understood what it is: the park revolves around Lego bricks, the famous game we all played as children!

Ready to go around the world? Here at Legoland Windsor you can admire famous monuments, mills, towers up to 35 meters high, all built entirely with Legoincredible right? Among 55 interactive attractions, shows, shows, workshops and much more, here you will surely spend a different day. Popular attractions and areas include Miniland, The LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure, Atlantis Submarine Voyage. and the DUPLO Valley Splash Safari.

  • Number of attractions: 55
  • Cost of entry: online £ 29,00 (around € 33,00), at the ticket office £ 49,00 (around € 56,00)
  • LEGOLAND Windsor Resort: Admission Ticket From London: LEGOLAND Windsor 1 Day Ticket

9 - Alton Towers, United Kingdom

This amusement park is located in Alton, between Manchester and Birmingham. This is the main park in the country and it was opened in 1980. Small curiosity: it is located inside the park of the castle of the same name, which in 1860 was a country residence.

This is one of the parks with the greater number of roller coasters in Europe, 6 of which are: Nemesis (from 1994), Oblivion (from 1998), Air (from 2002), Rita - Queen of Speed ​​(from 2005), Thirteen (from 2010) and The Smiler (the most recent, from 2016). Not only that, the Alton Towers also includes a water play area with indoor attractions too!

  • Number of attractions: 40
  • Cost of entry: 1 Day Pass online £ 34,00 (approximately € 38,00), at the ticket office £ 58,00 (approximately € 66,00); Waterpark Day Pass from £ 18,50 (approx € 21,00)
  • Alton Towers Resort: Entrance Ticket

8 - Gardaland, Italy

Located in Veneto, in Desenzano del Garda near the beautiful lake, this park is the most visited in Italy! It is very easy to reach thanks to the various rail and plane connections arriving in Verona. Definitely one of the parks in which to spend a day at least once in a lifetime.
Suitable for adults and children, Gardaland is divided into different thematic areas and attractions are divided into three categories: Fantasy for the little ones, Adventure for those who feel more adventurous, and Adrenaline, for those who love thrills and adrenaline! Not only attractions, but you can attend different shows and eat in characteristic and set restaurants. Attention should be paid to the various events, such as Gardaland Magic Winter in December, Oktoberfest in September and Gardaland Magic Halloween in October! If you have two days to dedicate to the park, you can't miss the Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium and the Legoland Water Park. We recommend a priority entrance ticket to avoid the long access lines.

  • Number of attractions: 37
  • Cost of entry: Gardaland Park full € 40,00, reduced € 35,00 / Gardalan Park + Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium full € 45,00, reduced € 39,00 / Gardalan Park + Legoland Water Park € 58,00
  • Gardaland: priority entrance ticket

7 - Liseberg, Sweden

We move north, where the Liseberg amusement park is located. We are in Sweden, in Gothenburg to be precise, on the east coast of the country overlooking the North Sea. It's the park most visited in all of Sweden and is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the world. It was opened in 1923, on the occasion of the universal exhibition of the city and today it is one of its main attractions.

The park is best known for its roller coaster, among the most beautiful in the world, and for various adrenaline and thrilling attractions! Obviously there is no shortage of rides and areas dedicated entirely to children. Inside the park there are many green areas with well-kept vegetation, perfect for relaxing between one day and another.
Among the most popular attractions there are certainly Atmostfear (116 m high free-fall tower), the Balder (incredible roller coaster) and the Projekt Helix (first double-throw roller coaster in Europe). For children there is a dedicated area called The land of the rabbit.

  • Number of attractions: 40
  • Cost of entry: from 120,00 SEK (about € 11,00), then there are a whole series of packages based on the rides you want to do and the duration in the park, available on the official website

6 - PortAventura, Spain

Let's now move to Spain, where PortAventura is located. It is a beautiful amusement park in the province of Tarragona, a city located on the coast about 110 km south of Barcelona. Opened in 1995, it is the most visited park in the country. But PortAventura is more than just a park: it is divided into three different parks: PortAventura Park, Ferrari Land and Caribe Aquatic Park. In one day you can also visit two of them, thanks to the numerous combined tickets that are offered! What if one day is not enough? No problem, you can opt for those for two or three days.

With three different theme parks, PortAventura definitely is a complex suitable for everyone, young and old, and it's a perfect day trip to do if you are on holiday in Barcelona! PortAventura Park has rides of all kinds divided into 6 thematic areas: Mediterrania, Polynesia, China, México, FarWest and Sésamo Aventura. The Caribe Aquatic Park is a beautiful water park with swimming pools (including artificial waves), slides and water games. Finally, Ferrari Land is the only park in Europe where you can discover the world and the secrets of Ferrari, absolutely recommended for enthusiasts!

  • Number of attractions: 43
  • Cost of entry: 1 day 2 full parks € 59,00 reduced € 52,00 / 2 days 2 full parks € 72,00 reduced € 63,00 / 3 days 2 full parks € 92,00 reduced € 81,00 / 3 days 3 parks full € 96,00 reduced € 84,00
  • Barcelona: Port Aventura Amusement Park & ​​PortAventura Shuttle & Ferrari Land: Day Trip from Barcelona From Barcelona: PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park Tour

5 - TiFlights Gardens, Denmark

Let's go back to Northern Europe, this time to Denmark. The park is located in the center of Copenhagen most visited in the country! But not only that: its foundation dates back to 1843, which makes it too one of the oldest amusement parks still visited today. It is especially loved by the little ones, but there are also rides for adults.

What makes every single visitor to the TiFlights Gardens fall in love is its atmosphere! It seems to enter a world of fairy tales, among gardens, ancient buildings and rides. And just think that Hans Christian Andersen, a writer famous for writing fairy tales such as the Little Mermaid, also passed through this park. For children there are many rides, shows and activities, one of the most popular is the TiFlights Boys' Guard, where children can parade as if they were royal guards. Absolutely to visit during Halloween and Christmas, when the park is transformed creating a unique atmosphere!

  • Number of attractions: 40
  • Cost of entry: from 135,00 DKK (approximately € 18,00), children aged 3-7 from 60,00 KRR (approximately € 8,00)
  • TiFlights Copenhagen Gardens: Fast-track unlimited attractions and optional rides

4 - Efteling, Netherlands

And now we are moving to Holland, for a rather special theme park. This is the park most visited in the country and also called the World of Wonders. Why wonders? Once you enter Efteling you will find yourself in a completely different world, a world of fairy tales made up of elves, talking trees and fairies.

But what can you do in this park? In addition to entering a fairy world, you can have fun on the many attractions here, suitable for both adults and children! But the coolest thing is that each carousel tells a story based on local legends and fables! Starting with the roller coaster Joris en de Draak, or Symbolica where the Castle of Fantasy is located. Droomvlucht, which will take you to a world of gnomes and goblins, and Sprookjesbos, the fairy tale forest, must also be done!

  • Number of attractions: over 40
  • Cost of entry: € 45,00, free for children under 3 years old
  • Efteling theme park: day ticket

3 - Walt Disney Studio Park, France

When we talk about Disneyland Paris, we immediately think of what is actually called Disneyland Park, where there is the famous castle that appears in all the photos. But Disneyland Paris also consists of another part, the Walt Disney Studio Park, dedicated to the world of cinema and animation! It is located in the same complex as its more famous brother and was inaugurated in 2002.

Here you can discover the wonderful world of "behind the scenes" of the most famous films and animations. With 17 different attractions, the most famous are the Tower of Terror, the Stunt Show and the Ratatouille dark ride.

  • Number of attractions: 17
  • Cost of entry: 1 day / 1 full park ticket from € 59,00, reduced from € 54,00; ticket 2 days / 2 parks full € 179,00, reduced € 165,00
  • Disneyland Paris: Multi-day admission ticket

2 - Europa Park, Germany

In second place we find Europa Park, the largest German amusement park and, of course, one of the most beautiful and visited in all of Europe! It is located in the municipality of Rust in southern Germany, near the border with France. From Northern Italy it is therefore also easy to reach by car.

Why the name Europa Park? The park is divided into 13 thematic areas inspired by the main European countries! Opened in 1975, with over 100 attractions suitable for young and old, it will make you spend a day of total fun where you can discover all of Europe! Some examples: in the Austria section there is the Alpine Coaster Enzian, in Switzerland the Swiss Bob Sleigh, in Scandinavia the Fjord Rafting and in Greece the Poisedon. And in the section dedicated to Italy? Among the many attractions you will find the Teatro dell'Arte and the Venice Carnival Show.

  • Number of attractions: over 100
  • Cost of entry: full € 55,00, reduced € 47,00

1 - Disneyland Paris, France

And in the first place there could only be Disneyland Park, the amusement park most loved and visited in Europe! It is located about 20 km east of Paris and, together with the aforementioned Walt Disney Studio Park, forms the most famous Disneyland Paris complex.

Let's face it, who has never dreamed of visiting a Disneyland theme park at least once? There are several in the world, but the one in Paris is one of the most famous. Here you can be a child again for a day, among rides, shows, shops and themed restaurants! Among the most famous attractions are certainly the Big Thunder Mountain, Fantasyland and Panthon Manor.

  • Number of attractions: 33
  • Cost of entry: 1 day / 1 full park ticket from € 59,00, reduced from € 54,00; ticket 2 days / 2 parks full € 179,00, reduced € 165,00
  • Disneyland Paris: 1 day ticket

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