The Monte San Bartolo Natural Park: What to see and where to sleep!

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Coming from the north, the first relief encountered on the Adriatic belt is Il Monte San Bartolo Natural Park, on the border between Marche and Romagna.
The territory has two distinct environments: the cliff to the sea and the internal side.
At the base of the hill runs a thin beach of gravel and pebbles.
The highest altitudes of the San Bartolo hills reach 200 meters and extend over a wild and intact territory, a real jewel, albeit not yet known and little known, among wisely restored ancient charm villages and typical restaurants that offer authentic and genuine cuisine.


  1. Routes, paths and trails
  2. The Beaches near the Park
  3. Where to sleep: Farmhouses and Camping
  4. User questions and comments

Routes, paths and trails

The possibilities for recreation are certainly many. A splendid one panoramic road winds through steep overhangs and enchanting landscapes along the cliff of Monte San Bartolo, which plunges into the water for a stretch of 10 kilometers, forming small bays and inlets that can be reached by boat or by the paths that outline it. Equally impressive is the panorama of the villages, which peek out along the road, such as Fiorenzuola di Focara and Castel di Mezzo, embellished here and there by the view of the enchanting villas, the Renaissance Villa Imperiale and the seventeenth century Villa Caprile.

Don't underestimate the possibility of nature walks, jogging or hiking trails mountain bike inside the Park.
There are also numerous activities proposed by the Park Authority: bird watching, wildlife excursions, cultural excursions, stargazing, music, cinema and literature events, educational workshops, etc.
For cycling lovers, the Panoramic Road that runs along the Monte San Bartolo Park, is with its curves and slopes a path of extraordinary beauty, so much so that the Giro d'Italia of 2012 passed right from here!
Of particular interest is the presence of fossil finds usable in the museum exhibition of the Park Authority.
The naturalistic aspects inherent in the Monte San Bartolo Park are of considerable interest, if only it represents the principle of the hilly system of the coast of central Italy, immediately after the shores of the Adriatic Riviera Northern.

The Beaches near the Park

In the pretty town of Fiorenzuola of Focara there is one Sandy beach absolutely wonderful. The beach has particularly wild features, which make it different from the usual shores of the Romagna coast. The town is just 25 km from Rimini and 15 from Riccione. Not far away is another beach: la Vallugola bay.
Also near the park there are seaside towns such as Pesaro and Gabicce Mare, here it is possible to practice sports such as sailing, surfing and paragliding.

Where to sleep: Farmhouses and Camping

Le solutions they are different and all particularly effective and functional. If you want immerse yourself in the natural context of the park, probably the most sensible thing to do is to choose a camping or farmhouse, here are 4 interesting solutions:

  • Camping Panorama
    Address: Strada Brisighella, 1 - Pesaro
    Phone: 0721 208145
  • Camping Paradiso
    Address: Via Riva Faro, 2 - Pesaro
    Phone: 0721 208579
  • Ca 'Verde farmhouse
    Address: Strada Panoramica Adriatica, 345 - Fiorenzuola di Focara
    Phone: 0721 209065
  • Il Guardacielo Farmhouse
    Address: Adriatic panoramic road, 335 - Pesaro
    Phone: 0721 208480

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