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    The MOMA in San Francisco: we visit the most important contemporary art museum in the city

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    SFMOMA is the largest and most important contemporary art museum in San Francisco, as well as being the first on the West coast to be entirely dedicated to this sector. Recently refurbished, after a few years of closure, it has doubled its original extension and offers today to its visitors 7 floors of cultural exhibitions.


    • Where it is, how to get there and timetables
    • To see
      • The most famous works in the museum
      • Museum store
      • Can I take pictures?
    • Where to eat

    Where it is, how to get there and timetables

    The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is located in the neighborhood of SoMA near the area of Yerba buena, which was the original nucleus from which the city later developed, and just over 10 minutes walk from Union Squre. The address is 151 Third St.

    Il ticket to enter SFMOMA has a cost of 25$ for adults while it is free for children under 18.

    Entrance ticket to the SFMOMA

    Unfortunately at the time of writing this museum does not offer a day of free access. If you still want to try to save something about the entrance ticket to the museum it may be useful to know that the SFMoma is included in the San Francisco City Pass and the Go San Francisco Card, which can be an option to consider especially if you visit the city over several days, and you plan to visit other attractions as well.

    Learn more about San Francisco passes

    - museum hours are the following:

    • il Monday by 10: 00 17 to: 00
    • il Thursday by 13: 00 18 to: 00
    • da Friday a Sunday by 10: 00 17 to: 00

    Closing days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    To reach SFMOMA with i By public transport here are the closest stops:

    • Montgomery Street: about 5 minutes on foot served by all lines of the BART.
    • Market St & Kearny St: 5 minutes on foot served by the line F light rail.
    • Cable Car terminus: from the terminus of the two cable car lines that lead to Powell Street the museum is about 10 minutes away on foot.

    To see

    The advice is to take the lift, go up to the top floor and then go down by visiting the various rooms and dwelling on the works or exhibitions that you consider most interesting. Also do not miss the opportunity to look out over the many terraces to enjoy a beautiful view over the city.

    One of the most popular and curious attractions of the museum is certainly the Living Wall on the third floor. It is a wall almost 10 meters high on which over 19.000 different plants have been planted which contribute to making it a real “living wall” in various shades of green that grows and changes over time.

    If you are a lover of photography the third floor will be the one for you, because this is where the most important works are concentrated. In fact, it is here that the renowned Pritzker Center for Photography is located.

    In addition to the permanent collection, the SFMOMA complex hosts numerous temporary exhibitions that vary greatly throughout the year. For this reason, I invite you to consult the official website to be updated on the news scheduled during the period of your visit.

    Small note of color (in every sense): the bathrooms of the museum have been painted in a single color (one different for each floor) very lively, so much so that they have become one of the most photographed parts of SFMoma and have an entirely website. dedicated.

    The most famous works in the museum

    These are the most important works in the museum. However, I invite you to check if these will be present at the time of your visit, because the exhibitions often change over time and some works may be subject to movements or loans to other museums.

    • Jeff Koons: Large Vase of Flowers (7° piano)
    • Frida Kahlo: Frieda and Diego Rivera (2° piano)
    • Henri Matisse: Woman With A Hat (2° piano)
    • Andy Warhol: Triple Elvis (5° piano)
    • Pablo Picasso: Head Of A Woman (4° piano)
    • Jackson Pollock: Guardians of the Secret (2° piano)

    Museum store

    Like all museums of some importance there is a well-stocked shop. You will find it both on the second floor and on the first floor where the more complete and extended version is located. From books dedicated to temporary exhibitions, to jewels, to themed clothing and to cute gadgets and toys, here you will surely find something to satisfy your curiosity and buy a souvenir to make a gift to those waiting for you at home.

    You can get an idea of ​​everything you can buy by visiting the official website of the store.

    Can I take pictures?

    Inside the museum it is allowed to take photos and videos for personal use except for special instructions. However, it is forbidden to use flashes, tripods and selfie sticks.

    Where to eat

    If you want to refresh yourself in the museum between one exhibition and another, here are the options you will have:

    • Sightglass at SFMOMA: this refreshment point is present on both the second and third floors. It is a place recommended above all for a coffee break perhaps accompanied by a dessert, rather than for a real lunch.
    • Cafe 5: it is located in the space of the sculpture garden on the fifth floor and offers menus that vary over time centered on the use of selected and seasonal ingredients.
    • in Situ: located on the first floor, in this case we are not talking about a simple refreshment point for a quick snack between one exhibition and another, but a real starred restaurant. The menu was designed in collaboration with more than 90 chefs from all over the world.
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