The map that shows the tourist destinations dreamed of in the different countries around the world

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When you are talking about holidays, everyone has their own taste: there are those who love the sea and those who love the mountains, those who prefer to organize a five-star trip and those who, on the other hand, just want to go on an adventure, backpacking and no reservations. But, analyzing the destinations preferred by tourists from each country, a variegated and very interesting map emerges.

To publish this particular map is Kuoni, a tour operator who has paid attention to choices of travelers from all corners of the globe to draw up this curious guide. The eye immediately falls on North America, where Japan clearly stands out: it is clear that, for the United States and Canada, the Land of the Rising Sun contains a decidedly incomparable magical aura. However, the Far East has always been a particularly popular destination, rich in traditions and spirituality that give a unique emotion.

On the contrary, theSouth America has much more varied tastes. They range from Qatar, much appreciated by tourists departing from Chile and Peru, up to Aruba, a rather close destination but still very welcome by Brazilian travelers. What do the inhabitants of exotic areas like the islands ofCentral America? Well, their dream is to go to the other side of the world, mainly to the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Thailand.

Japan - Photo: iStock

The situation changes completely in Asia, where tourists seem to have more "contained" desires. By looking carefully at the map, it can be seen that mainly Asian countries prefer fairly close destinations: Pakistan and India dream of United Arab Emirates, the Japanese instead prefer the Philippines - whose inhabitants, in turn, would like to go on vacation to Singapore - and those who are lucky enough to live in an earthly paradise like Maldives they choose… Mauritius.

Abu Dhabi - Photo: iStock

Even in oceania things are similar: Australians love Fiji, while New Zealanders aim for the small island of Bali. Russia surprises with a rather particular choice, since the favorite destination is Mexico. African countries certainly do not have a united front: among the most dreamed destinations, especially the United Arab Emirates (a desire shared by Congo, Burundi, Libya and Senegal) and Canada (destination chosen by the inhabitants of Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, Angola and Zimbabwe) stand out.

The Maldives - Photo: iStock

What to say aboutEurope? In the collective imagination, it is the exotic destinations that tempt the tourists of our continent. In fact, the Maldives are among the most popular destinations, the dream of Italy, England, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. There are also Zanzibar, le Mauritius, Bali and Madagascar. If you are wondering if someone wants to come to our country, the answer is positive: the beautiful Italy is among the choices of Spain, Turkey, Belize and Saudi Arabia.

The map of the most dreamed destinations in the world - Photo: Kuoni

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