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    The Map of the submerged wrecks in Italy

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    Italy, land of rivers, lakes, seas. In the depths of our waters they are found numerous fascinating wrecks, some of them easily accessible and visited if you have experience in diving. Do you want to know where the most interesting submerged Italian wrecks are located? Let's find out together!


    1. Kent wreck, Sicily
    2. Isonzo wreck, Sardinia
    3. Wreck Laura C, Calabria
    4. Tiflys wreck, Liguria
    5. The Lombard, Puglia
    6. Junker 88, Puglia
    7. Valfiorita, Sicily
    8. Islamoglu wreck, Puglia
    9. Equa wreck, Liguria
    10. Wreck Anna Bianca, Tuscany
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    1 - Kent Wreck, Sicily

    Greek-owned cargo ship sunk in the Gulf of Tonnara near San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani) in 1978. At the time of the disaster it was carrying thousands of copies of the Koran: this is why it is also called "Ship of the Korans". About 80 meters long, is visible starting from 25 meters of depth. The dive is recommended for experienced divers, and it is also possible to visit theinterior of the ship.

    2 - Isonzo wreck, Sardinia

    More than 80 meters long warship lying approx 56 meters of depth in Gulf of Cagliari. The excursion is very demanding and made difficult by frequent currents. You can visit the engine room and two imposing cannons.

    3 - Wreck Laura C, Calabria

    Iron cargo ship used in World War II as a warship. It was sunk at the end of the conflict following a torpedoing. The wreck is located in Saline Joniche (Reggio Calabria) and it is located in 50 meters of depth.

    4 - Tiflys wreck, Liguria

    Wreck placed at a depth of 40 meters of one ship built for war use in 1939. It was sunk in 1943 off the port of Loano by an English submarine. The entire structure is in excellent condition.

    5 - Il Lombardo, Puglia

    Two-wheeled steamship sunk near Cala degli Inglesi, on the island of San Dominio (Tremiti Islands, Foggia). It is one of the boats used by Garibaldi in the expedition of the Thousand in 1860, to transport the Garibaldini from Quarto (Genoa) to Marsala (Sicily). The wreck is located in 30 m deep.

    6 - Junker 88, Puglia

    We are still in Puglia, to be exact a Santa Caterina di Nardò, in the province of Lecce. In the waters of the sea the wreck of theGerman aircraft Junker 88, located approx 35 meters of depth. About 20 m wide and 15 m long, the wreck is in excellent condition. It was first achieved in the 2000s.

    7 - Valfiorita, Sicily

    The wreck of the Valfiorita, a 6.200-ton motor ship, is located in Mortelle, in the Messina area, between 45 and 71 m deep. Built for commercial purposes, during the Second World War it was converted into a military ship. The ship is broken in two, in its cargo there are other interesting wrecks of means of transport: Fiat Balilla cars, Fiat 1100s, motorcycles with sidecars, many armored vehicles.

    8 - Islamoglu wreck, Puglia

    The wreck of the carglo Islamoglu ship is located in the area of Torre Canne, in the province of Brindisi. Launched in 1977, it is sank in 1994 for reasons still unclear. The wreck is well preserved, but completely encrusted, and is located at 39 meters of depth.

    9 - Equa Wreck, Liguria

    Liguria again, again a wreck that populates our seas: this time we are in the area of Riomaggiore, about 2 miles from the coast. The Aqua was a submarine fighter equipped with cannons and machine guns built in 1929, and sank due to ramming by a German ship. There were no casualties. The wreck is located at one depth of 34 meters.

    10 - Wreck Anna Bianca, Tuscany

    We close with this wreck which is located near Giannuri, in Tuscany, in the center of cala Ischiaiola. Located about 50m deep, the remains of this merchant ship are very popular with divers. It is said that the ship was sunk by the same crew in 1971 to take compensation from the insurance company.

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