The longest flight in the world: 9.535 miles in 18 hours non-stop

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Nowadays the volo Non-stop long-distance flight is offered by many airlines, such as United Airlines. The service in question is usually aimed at business travelers willing to pay high fares to avoid the many stops and get faster routes.
The only limitations affecting this type of travel are the need to refuel.

To avoid the inconvenience, numerous companies are working on routes to take with a plane smaller than the traditional one and with a more limited number of passengers. The commercial trade that holds the record of duration and miles traveled is that between Singapore and the United States of Singapore Airlines, with a time of 18 hours e 9.535 miles to Newark Airport, just outside New York.

La United Airlines recently introduced non-stop daily flights between its San Francisco international hub and Changi Airport Singapore: it is the first airline to offer a non-stop service between the two cities. United Airlines uses one of the largest aircraft in the world, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, to operate the service.

The aircraft can hold up to 252 seats, with numerous amenities reserved for First Class customers, such as 180-degree reclining seats, touch screen monitors and a menu including several courses and free DOC wines. From the point of view of length, equal to 8.446 miles, we are talking about the longest route ever traveled by the American airline. By using the new non-stop flights between San Francisco and Singapore Airport, passengers are able to save up to four hours of time.

A relatively new route for long-haul flights is also the one to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, which has established itself as a popular destination for passengers wishing to make a single journey.
Emirates' flight from Dubai to Los Angeles will cover 8.339 miles and take 16 hours; the difference with the journey from Dubai in Huston, Texas (equivalent to a distance of 8.168 miles), offered by the same company, is negligible. Both paths wind through three continents and numerous time zones. To combat jet lag, the ceiling of the aircraft simulates the light of the destination.

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