The longest bridge in the world is in Hong Kong

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After nine years of construction it was inaugurated in China the new longest bridge in the world. It is the one that connects Hong Kong with Zhuhai, on the Macau Peninsula. With its 55 kilometers in length, it is the bridge of records.

But this bridge is impressive for other reasons as well. They were used to build it 400 thousand tons of steel, as much as it would take to build 60 Eiffel Towers.

Furthermore, it is capable of withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8 and the impact of a 300-ton cargo ship.

More than half of the bridge (30 km) is suspended over the Pearl River, but to allow for the passage of ships, part of the bridge is approximately 6,7 km long sinks into the waters in an underwater tunnel that runs along two artificial islands.

This bridge, which cost, according to Il Sole 24 Ore, over 15 billion dollars, will connect 68 million people who live in this area which will be called the Greater Bay Area and which includes Hong Kong, Macao and nine other cities. found in Southern China.

So far, it took four hours to get from Zhuhai to Hong Kong, mantra with the new bridge takes 30 minutes.

A toll must be paid to access the bridge.

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