The lizard: the symbol of Formentera

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The lizard: the symbol of Formentera

If you have already visited the island, you will surely have met a lizard on your way and if by chance you have had the opportunity and occasion to wander around the markets of the island, you will have realized that one of the most appreciated souvenirs of Formentera by tourists are precisely the objects in the shape of a lizard: pins, tools, lucky charms. The reptile is the symbol of Formentera and on the Balearic island they live over 30 endemic species which differ from each other by color, and according to the area in which they reside. For example, in Formentera the lizards are mainly white in color while near La Mola, they are characterized by their intense green color.

Probably in Formentera you will also hear them called geckos. But what is the significance of this reptile? According to some legends the gecko - or lizard - represents the strength and tenacity of man, which, by character, is able to change by facing the difficulties of the outside world as well as the reptile. No wonder you return home from your holiday in Formentera with a gecko tattooed on your ankle.

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