The least populated states in the world

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Not all states in the world enjoy the presence of super-inhabited metropolises and millions of people who tread their varied terrain. Incredible but true, there are places on the globe that are so uninhabited to be constituted, for those looking for a corner of peace and silence, of real oases of tranquility.
Let's find out what they are the 30 states with the lowest population rate in the world.

Position 5: South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Barely thirty inhabitants populate the small British overseas territory located in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean.
An archipelago not exactly hospitable to man, thanks to the morphology of the territory, with numerous steep and jagged mountain areas, and the constant presence of snow and ice.

  • Capital: Grytviken
  • Population: 30 (of which 20 inhabitants in the capital)
  • Area: 3.903 sq. Km
  • Population density: 0,006 per sq. Km

Position 4: United States Minor Outlying Islands

The only people who populate (not permanently) the US Minor Outlying Islands are military and scientific meteorological station personnel which, in the "hot" periods, can register the presence of over 300 inhabitants within the entire archipelago of nine islands, one of which is located in the Caribbean Sea (while the others "float" in the waters of the Pacific).

  • Capital: the islands are headed by Washington, they do not have their own capital
  • Population: 0 inhabitants (Johnston Atoll periodically records the presence of approximately 300 inhabitants for work reasons)
  • Area: 34,2 sq. Km
  • Population density: 0 inhabitants per sq. Km

Position 3: Heard and Mc Donald Islands

In the icy Atlantic waters we find the Heard and Mc Donald islands, which they host the only two active volcanoes present on Australian soil. Apart from these volcanic peaks, there is not a soul in the area.

  • Capital: none
  • Population: 0 inhabitants
  • Area: 368 sq. Km
  • Population density: 0 inhabitants per sq. Km

Location 2: Bouvet Island

Almost totally covered by glaciers, the particular Bouvet Island, despite its inhospitable nature, became the main location of the 2004 blockbuster Alien VS Predator.

  • Capital: none
  • Population: 0 inhabitants
  • Area: 49 sq. Km
  • Population density: 0 inhabitants per sq. Km

Location 1: Antarctica

A territory as vast as it is uninhabited, the Antarctic continent it is definitely not the best location for sun and relaxation holidays but anyway records visits, mainly linked to the presence of research stations and scientific bases, which deal with different and numerous branches of science, from astronomy to oceanography.
Some sources report a constant population of 1.000 inhabitants, but they are still researchers who occupy the scientific stations, and not actual inhabitants. On the other hand, there will be a reason why it is called "the coldest and most inhospitable continent on the planet": 98% of the surface is covered with perennial ice, up to 1.600 meters thick.

  • Capital: none (there are no cities, only scientific stations)
  • Population: 0 inhabitants, except for employees of the science bases
  • Area: 14.000.000 sq. Km
  • Population density: 0 inhabitants per sq. Km

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