The largest plane in the world has made its first trip

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The largest plane in the world took off, engaged in a test that proved to be a real success. Here's how it will be used.

The first flight was a success. There Stratolaunch he did it in full, witnessing the first ever flight of what it is in all respects the largest aircraft in the world. A perfectly successful test, which fulfills the dream of the creator of the company, Paul Allen, known for being the co-founder of Microsoft. Died in 2018, he delivered a futuristic project to the world, capable of darting through the sky despite its mammoth size.

THEwingspan of the plane is 117 meters, boasting an overall length of 73 meters. 15 meters high, it mounts a total of six engines, of those found in a Boeing 747. All at the service of launching rockets into orbit. The Stratolaunch was in fact designed to be able to avoid the critical phase of the vertical start.

The test was performed in a suggestive environment, that of Mojave Air and Spaceport, in California, at 6.58 local time. The flight lasted 150 minutes, and then continued with a perfect landing. Driving a real veteran, Evan Thomas, pilot in the F-16 with a whopping 28 years of service in the US Air Force. All thought out to perfection, according to Allen's plan, with each stage of the test completed. All in view of what will be the first real missions for this gigantic "monster" of the skies. Looking at the more practical aspect of the story, however, who are the potential customers of Stratolaunch? To date there is one, the Northtrop Grumman, which aims to send the Pegasus XL rocket into space.

With 304 km / h and a maximum altitude of 5.181 meters, the most critical phase was that of landing. Evan Thomas has placed the beast on the ground in an excellent way, defining the perfect operation, just as you wanted it. A lot of anxiety but excellent responses from the propulsion to the hydraulic section, up to the pneumatic system. The load capacity is also under analysis, within the expected parameters, considering how in the near future it will have the task of transporting rockets containing satellites and other instruments to be launched into orbit.

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