The largest miniature park in the world opens in Tokyo

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2020 is a very important year for Tokyo hosting the Olympic Games. There are many new things that tourists will find this year in the city. First of all, the largest miniature park in the world: Small Worlds Tokyo.

The park will be inaugurated on April 25 in the Ariake area and, with its 8.000 meters spread over four floors, the new attraction promises to leave everyone speechless.

Each of the park's seven themed areas showcases models of people, vehicles and objects in 1:80 scale, therefore very small, reproduced with incredible precision and richness of detail.

As they walk among the miniatures - some even smaller than a one yen dime - visitors will feel like Gulliver among the Lilliputians, immersed in a microscopic reality. Particularly striking are the models of vehicles moving through the streets of imaginary cities, where there is no shortage of mini buildings, mini shops, mini bridges. Unthinkable to have made microscopic cars equipped with such tiny mechanisms.

Kansai @Small Worlds mini airport

Among the many reproductions there is also the launch from the Space Center of tiny spaceships, all accompanied by extremely realistic sound effects. For transportation enthusiasts, there is also a miniaturized reconstruction of the Kansai International Airport.

Small Worlds is a tiny world with faithful reproductions of all kinds, from historical characters of the past and present to the fictional neighborhoods of "Evangelion" and "Sailor Moon”, A real treat for fans of manga and anime.

L’area dedicata a Sailor Moon @Naoko Takeuchi

Also not to be missed is the Global Village Area, which combines elements of fantasy with those of "steampunk" science fiction. On the top floor, visitors will then be able to try their hand at creating their own world in miniature, an experience that will make children go crazy but that will certainly appeal to adults as well.

The theme park will be open all year round and, thanks to the large indoor area, it will be an excellent alternative to spend the rainy days in Tokyo.

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