The largest and most beautiful urban parks in Italy

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Both in the cities and in the villages, many people still like to relax by spending an afternoon in the park: cool area in the shade of the trees, relax, a good book and go for a nice day in complete tranquility.
The Italian cities, compared to what one might believe, offer really beautiful parks, as well as of considerable size, ideal for hosting hundreds of people: here is a list of the largest and most beautiful parks in Italy.

11 - Sigurtà Garden Park, Valeggio sul Mincio, Verona

Dimensions: 60 hectares

Wonderful nature park located near the Mincio river between the cities of Verona, Mantua and Brescia and a stone's throw from Lake Garda. Title winner of Most beautiful park in Italy in 2013, hosts many natural and historical attractions, with thousands of flora specimens. In 2011 the maze, and the educational path designed specifically for schools is also very popular.

10 - Villa Borghese, Rome

Dimensions: 80 hectares

In the capital there is Villa Borghese, not only one of the largest urban parks, but undoubtedly also one of the most beautiful, thanks to the presence of numerous architectures and attractions of all respect in its interior, such as the Casino Nobile, the Garden of the Lake with the Temple of Aesculapius, the Uccelliera and the monumental entrance on Piazzale Flaminio.

9 - Pellerina Park, Turin

Dimensions: 83,7 hectares

Turin again in our ranking, with the Parco della Pellerina, the largest city park in the city. Crossed by the river Dora Riparia, takes its name from an old farmhouse located outside the park. It is a park much appreciated by the inhabitants of the city and refreshment and relaxation point.

8 - Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta

Dimensions: 120 hectares

The Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta has a double conformation: on one side there is the Italian garden, on the other hand the English garden. There are places for beautiful fountains, including the Margherita Fountain, the Tub and Fountain of the Dolphins and the Cascatelle and Fountain of Venus and Adonis. At the end of the park is there beautiful Gran Cascata.

7 - Capodimonte Park - Naples

Dimensions: 134 hectares

The Capodimonte Park, also known as the Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte, is located in the municipal area of ​​Naples in front of the Cpodimonte Palace. Inside there are 400 different plant species, which can be classified into 108 families and 274 genera.

6 - Villa Ada - Rome

Dimensions: 180 hectares

Located near the Parioli district, Villa Ada covers an area of ​​approximately 180 hectares. Inside have been found archaeological remains dating back to the eighth century BC, and still today the park offers neoclassical architectures such as the Temple of Flora, the Villa Polissena, the Royal Stables, the Swiss Chalet, the Gothic Tower. Another interesting curiosity: still inside the park there is an anti-aircraft bunker, built by Mussolini in order to protect the royal family during the Second World War.

5 - Villa Doria Pamphilj - Rome

Dimensions: 184 hectares

Originally a country estate of the Doria Pamphilij family, the Villa was expropriated and opened to the public in 1972. Inside there is the Casino del Ber Respiro, built starting from 1644 and currently in use by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers: it is in fact the seat of representation during visits by Heads of State and Government.

4 - Parco della Favorita, Palermo

Dimensions: 400 hectares

Formerly known as Real Estate of the Favorita, this gigantic area was created at the behest of Ferdinand III of Bourbon in 1799. Today it is the main green lung of the Sicilian capital and is part of the Monte Pellegrino Nature Reserve.

3 - Park of Monza, Monza

Dimensions: 688 hectares

Monza Park is the fourth largest fenced park in all of Europe. Located north of the city and built from 1806 to 1808 at the behest of Eugene of Beauharnais, stepson of Napoleon and viceroy of the Kingdom of Italy as the crowning of Villa Reale, since 1922 it has housed the Monza racetrack.

2 - San Giuliano Park, Mestre

Dimensions: 700 hectares

The San Giuliano Park, not far from the Venice airport, is of enormous importance worldwide for it study of the lagoon environment. Environmental and urban recovery area based on a European project, this park is a favorite destination for those who practice sports or want to relax a bit: there are also a skating ring it's a sports field.

1 - Appia Antica Regional Park, Rome

Dimensions: over 3.290 hectares

Located between the center of the capital and the Alban Hills, it includes the territories of the Via Appia Antica. It includes one of the most beautiful parks in Italy, namely the Park of the Aqueducts of Rome, whose name derives from the presence underground of 7 Roman and papal aqueducts and from which it is possible to admire the Castelli Romani.

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