The Jazz Festival of Formentera

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The Jazz Festival of Formentera

Il Formentera Jazz Festival arises from the artistic restlessness that the island has always inspired its inhabitants and visitors. Throughout its history, the smallest island of the "Pitiuses" it has often been the subject of many legends. Famous writers (such as Jules Verne) have told the mysteries, while characters like Bob Dylan, Gilberto Gil, Pink Floyd and Bob Marley experienced it firsthand in the 60s and 70s.

With all this wonderful artistic story behind it it was only a matter of time for the island to have its own music festival to give voice to this incessant creativity. Formentera Jazz Festival it's the end of the day, a unique musical space in a unique place, with the elegance and freedom that jazz music means. Located in a privileged corner of this liquid continent called the Mediterranean, this sandstone that emerges from the sea is the perfect gift for the poetry and legends that keep pounding hard on every sound note of a warm summer evening.

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