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    The Highest waves places in the world: 10 crazy places to surf

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    Wonderful beaches, oceans of extreme charm for their size, their majesty, the meditative silence that they give broken by the sudden rush of the waves breaking on the rocks or on the coral reefs. Finding yourself in front of the impetuosity of these waters can only give you adrenaline-filled emotions, which induce you to challenge them but at the same time to fear them!

    The seas that more than others offer such and many sensations are those loved by surfers, always in search of perfect wave to ride.
    But what are these wonderful places and where are they located?

    10 - Peniche, Portugal

    Wave height: up to 30 meters

    Our ranking begins in Europe, along the coasts of Portugal, north of Lisbon. Since Rip Curl in 2009 chose it for his famous surfing event, has become a place teeming with surfers. There are easy waves and waves for professionals and tubing is available. THE break point everyone on this coast have fun all year round!

    9 - Sultani, Maldives

    Wave height: up to 9 meters

    The powerful waves of this peaceful island, especially in spring, give adrenaline-pumping emotions. The rocks on which the waves break can be very dangerous, so even in hot weather it is advisable to wear a wetsuit. There are also services that can lead you to hunt for the most beautiful waves of the moment, scattered among the many islands of the archipelago.

    8 - Siargao Island, Philippines

    Wave height: up to 9 meters

    As dangerous as it is fascinating this island, with waves crashing on the cutting edge barrier Reef, shallow and razor sharp. It's a dramatic and wonderful break point, suitable only for experienced and courageous people. It is not recommended to fall off the board because skin is really at stake.
    The most sought after wave is the Cloud 9, considered between the 100 most beautiful waves in the world for its powerful tubing on the right.

    7 - Hossegor, France

    Wave height: up to 6 meters

    Let's now pass to the "surfing capital of Europe", which is located near Italy, on the southwest coast of France, with waves like the Hawaiian ones. Due to the large turnout of experienced surfers that offer mind-boggling shows, this place has quickly become an elite place, thanks to the many millionaires who have decided to buy villas near the coast, in order to enjoy the show sitting comfortably on their terraces!

    6 - Santa Catalina, Costa Rica

    Wave height: up to 4 meters

    Unspoiled and wild landscapes surround the fantastic beaches of this coast. It is a place like its predecessors majestic waves, crystal clear waters and breathtaking landscapes, plus it is much less crowded with surfers. So if you want to spend a nice day in the company only of your table, this is the place for you!

    5 - Gold Coast, Australia

    Wave height: up to 15 meters

    Area renowned for its wonderful waves 70 km of golden beach, so much so that it was nicknamed Surfers' Paradise. The most sought after and least ridden wave of the ocean is the Superbanks, and to be able to reach it from the parking lot you have to take a nice walk of a few km ... but it will be worth it since it is one of the best places in the world to ride the waves.

    4 - Mavericks, California

    Wave height: up to 25 meters

    As dangerous as exciting are the waves ofHalf moon bay, near San Francisco. In certain periods they are registered waves as high as buildings, which reach up to 25 meters, real tsunamis, so quite dangerous if not taken in the right way.

    Adding to the risks is the possibility of running into some shark, but other than that, these terrifying waves fascinate and challenge countless surfers.

    3 - Bali, Indonesia

    Wave height: up to 4 meters

    The crystal clear waters of these beaches enchant and attract surfers of all kinds and locations, so much so that shores such as Uluwatu in Kura are overcrowded with surfers who can't wait to dive with their boards. The waves from April to November reach four meters, the water temperature is pleasant, maybe there will be a bit of queuing, but it's worth it.

    2 - Jeffrey Bay, South Africa

    Wave height: up to 8 meters

    The warm currents ofIndian Ocean that mix with the cold ones from the Atlantic give life to very particular waves that make this place the ideal place for surfing. A few kilometers from Port Elisabeth, its beaches offer waves for all levels. There Supertubes beach, especially in the period between June and August, it gives away to the most experienced waves up to 300 meters long for thrilling rides!

    1 - Ohau, Hawaii

    Wave height: up to 12 meters

    The first can only be there mother of the surfing bays, Hawaii. In theOhau Island, known for the capital Honolulu and the tragedy of Pearl Harbor, Pipeline Beach is packed with surfers, from beginners to experts, who ride waves up to twelve meters high that give life to breathtaking tunnels, suitable only for the most experienced and reckless lovers of the "pipe"

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