The highest city in the world where you touch the sky with your finger

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It is a precious stone, located at 4.090 meters above sea level in one of the most evocative places on the planet: we are in city ​​of Potosì, among the highest in the world. It symbolizes an unprecedented face of Bolivia, the one that encompasses centuries of history and tradition, but also of unspeakable riches.

Became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1949, Potosì is a thriving city located in the heart of the country, among imposing mountains that hide a very precious treasure. To frame this splendid panorama is the Rich Hill (the "Rich Mountain"), which seems to loom over the urban center. Here, among the depths of the earth, still today there are enormous mineral deposits that have made the fortune of thousands of people (and which, alas, have sealed the fate of millions of others, exploited for the dangerous and exhausting extraction processes).

Around the middle of the 500th century, it came to light for the first time the important silver deposit which immediately attracted the attention of the Spanish empire and made Potosì one of the richest cities in the world. And it was thanks to the great silver vein that, during the colonial period, impressive industrial works were built, many of which withstood the passage of centuries up to the present day. But they are hers splendid colonial architecture to make the town so fascinating, masterpieces that symbolize the immense artistic and cultural heritage of the beating heart of Bolivia.


Beautiful terraced and tall houses red-tiled buildings, small wooden balconies and colored walls enrich the historic center of Potosì, alternating with delightful churches and buildings that tell the long-lived history of the city. As the National Mint, the mint that coined the coin in use in the colonial period and which today houses an impressive museum and numerous exhibitions. Equally fascinating is the Convent of Santa Teresa, which houses a small community of Carmelite nuns and dozens of very precious works of sacred art.

The mint of Potosì

If you are a nature lover, you will certainly appreciate the many trekking trails that open along the mountains surrounding Potosì. The bravest can even take the opportunity to take a guided excursion inside the mines, wedging into the bowels of the earth to discover a completely different world, and to touch the desperate conditions in which they lived those who were exploited for extraction. And returning to the open air, it will be impossible not to appreciate even more the wonder of that blue sky that really seems one step away.

The mines of Potosì

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