The giant pink rabbit of Colletto Fava in Piedmont

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What happened to the Giant Pink Rabbit?

It was a normal Monday in September. Exactly on September 19, 2005. However, that Monday, which marked the common beginning of a long week, would be destined to remain a historic date for tourists and locals. On that day, in fact, a mysterious animal appeared. Passersby were surprised to observe something unusual and amusing. Lying along the slope, at an altitude of about 1600 meters, the few lucky customers found themselves seeing something that would leave an indelible mark on their lives: the giant pink rabbit of Colletto Fava in Piedmont.


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Who created the Giant pink rabbit of Artesina

Created by a group of artists, I Gelitin, The giant pink rabbit of Colletto Fava was woven and left lying on a Piedmontese hill. Making it was not easy: it took many artists and many helpers to bring this creature to life. Five years of weaving for the creation of the pink rabbit, which, according to the creators' estimates, should be left alone to rest on the hillside for at least 20 years, until 2025.

We cannot overlook the fact that due to rain and snow the big "animal" is deteriorating more and more with time. However, this fact does not worry the artists, who respond: the natural process of decay is part of the original idea of creation.

Where is the Hase rabbit and how is it today? Here are the coordinates on Google Maps!

The most daring are convinced that the rabbit is so large that it can be seen from space, using satellite photos. But to see this extravagant work with your own eyes, unless you want to travel into space to see for yourself whether it is visible or not, we recommend you go to Artesina. Artesina, a small town in Piedmont, is located at the top of Mount Colleto Fava in the Alps, a well-known mountain range in northern Italy.

Today the Gothic artwork is in an advanced state of decay. You can see the ruins of the giant rabbit on Google Maps by entering the coordinates 44 14'39.77 "N 7 ° 46'10.71" E.

What is the big pink rabbit of Artesina called?

Hase, is the name of the largest stuffed rabbit in Italy and has made the town of Artesina, on Mount Colleto Fava in the Piedmont region of Italy, famous. The pink stuffed rabbit is 60 meters long and 6 meters long, making it very attractive for people visiting the mountain.

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