The fastest and longest roller coaster in the world will open in Canada

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In Canada it will be possible to indulge in incredible thrills aboard the fastest, longest and highest roller coaster in the world: the Yukon Striker.

Thrill seekers will love the record-breaking roller coaster that will open in the coming months in Canada. In fact, by the summer of 2019 there will be the inauguration of the Yukon Striker. A roller coaster that will break all records gender, ready to represent the nightmare of the faint of heart and those suffering from vertigo.

It will be possible to admire and, if equipped with the necessary courage, to try this screaming dive coaster at the Canada's Wonderland di Vaughan. Once completed, it will be the tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster in the world. Just think of the overall length of the ride. Visitors to the park will have to scream, in a mixture of panic and elation, for 1105 meters. This results in a somewhat prolonged duration. If in everyday life 3 minutes and 25 seem to pass like a flash, almost without us noticing it, it is quite another matter to experience them aboard the Yukon Striker. The hands will appear not to move at all.

The course suspended in the air includes four dynamic inversions. This expression refers to the moment in which passengers find themselves upside down. Even the most daring will find themselves clinging strongly to the protective bars, especially when the roller coaster reaches its top speed: 130 kilometers per hour.

No more than 24 passengers, which will find themselves climbing slowly, as usual, until reaching the maximum height. Once at the top the Yukon Striker will stop for three interminable seconds. Suspended in the void, it will rush into free fall, following a vertical 74-degree descent for 90 meters. Doors open in May, with this attraction that will join the long list of Canada's Wonderland, which boasts as many as 16. It will be possible to visit the amusement park by going north of Toronto, Ontario, letting yourself be enchanted by the scenic splendor of this province .

The Yukon Striker will break the record for the time being held by the Valravn, located at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio, United States. Its maximum speed is 121 kilometers per hour, with a length of 1041 and a height of 68 meters.

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