The eye of the earth is a thrilling journey into the bowels of the world

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At the foot of the imposing mountain range of the Dinara mountains there is one of the more magical and evocative shows that nature could give us. We are talking about a body of water, one of the sources of the Cetina river which, at sight alone, allows us to make an incredible journey into the bowels of the earth.

An aerial view of this water basin gives back a fascinating and at the same time thrilling vision. But it's not just those thousand shades of blue, emerald and cobalt that enchant, how much more that depth which winds for hundreds of meters and which to date has not yet been clearly identified.

Looking at this stretch of water, then, another particularity is evident: the source resembles a blue eye from which to be able to scrutinize all the mysteries of the earth. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the reservoir has been nicknamed the eye of the earth.

Eye of the Earth, Croatia

Located in the Dalmatian region, this mysterious lake is a true wonder. The eye of the Earth it is located on a path that is little traveled by the tourist one, however there are many people who go here to closely observe what looks like a direct portal into the bowels of the earth. Also thanks to the presence of the Cetina river, one of the longest and most important in the Adriatic, which has become a favorite destination for lovers of water sports.

To reach and admire the eye of the Earth we must I reprimanded Milasevo, near a small and charming village. Immersed in a rural landscape of the Croatian hinterland that does not seem to know the space-time laws, we then find one beautiful orthodox church, from here it is possible to take a path that leads directly to the mouth of the river Cetina.

Eye of the Earth, Croatia

The vision is magical, both from near and far. In addition to the intense and suggestive shades of blue, it is possible to see the thrilling depth of this karst spring characterized by mysterious tunnels and caves that wind in the bowels of the earth.

The divers who have descended into the depths of this source have descended to 115 meters, but no one knows for sure its depths. What we do know, however, is that the colors, the karst origins, the dark tunnels make this place one of the most fascinating, dangerous and mysterious in Croatia.

Eye of the Earth, Croatia

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