The decadent charm of Lisbon

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Lisbon? a city? not too big, but not too small: if you love walking, advice? that of not being fooled by the maps; being built on seven hills? really difficult to plan the movements on foot in advance .. so get ready for a continuous ups and downs and go calmly in the best Portuguese spirit, but not too much! On the riverside? It is possible to rent bicycles (but be careful not to get your seat stolen). Our advice? to explore the city? getting lost in the alleys but if you are tired or simply curious you can climb on one of the Elevadores, from where you can admire the view.

1 day

We arrive in Lisbon on Sunday morning and to our surprise we find a city? half empty, quiet and peaceful. The sky ? gray and after a first exploratory walk around the hostel (Marqu? s de Pombal area, quite central), including the Parque Eduardo VII, since it has started to rain we take the opportunity to visit the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. In the evening we decide to have dinner in a small, not touristic place near Rossio, in the center: do we try the famous bacalhau? braz, excellent, we eat until we are satisfied and spend very little. We also taste ginjinha, a black cherry liqueur and after a digestive walk we return to the hostel.

2 day

We visit the Castelo de S? O Jorge, which offers a spectacular view of the city, and we get lost in the delightful alleys of Alfama, the heart of Lisbon. We do not miss a visit to the famous Miradouro de Santa Luzia and to Portas do Sol. The cathedral, called S ?,? two steps away, simple in its grandeur. In the afternoon we take a ride to Gra? A, to enjoy the sunset from another Miradouro. We have really grinded many kilometers and in the evening we decide to try another typical and unpretentious restaurant, and again we are not disappointed: Portuguese cuisine has really won us over!

3 day

We reach the splendid Pra? A do Comercio, overlooking the Tejo river (which the inhabitants call the sea given its size) and we decide to try the experience of the ride on the legendary tram 28: at the beginning c '? a bit of crowds why? we are really many and you have to have a thousand eyes but then many people get off and we can enjoy the journey up and down? through the alleys of Lisbon. We visit the areas between Estrela, Lapa and Alcantara to appreciate the less touristy Lisbon. Back in the center, we stroll through the Bairro Alto, a lively and stimulating old popular neighborhood.

4 day

Let's dedicate the day to exploring the Bel? M area: first we have a second breakfast in the pi? famous pastry shop in the city? with the famous pasteis de nata. Then we visit the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, the Padr? O dos Descobrimentos and the Bel? M Tower, all at close range, celebrating Portugal's important past. After lunch we enjoy a visit to the Museu Cole ?? o Berardo, always free, right there. next.

5 day

On the last day we visit Chiado and the remains of the Convento do Carmo, which largely collapsed during the terrible earthquake of 1755. In the early afternoon we reach the airport: unfortunately our vacation? finished but Lisbon there? really remained in the heart!

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