The cycle path on Lake Garda, the most beautiful in Europe

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Cantilevered on the Lake Garda, with a breathtaking view of one of the most picturesque corners of Italy: it is the Garda by Bike cycle path inaugurated on 14 July 2018. The Garda cycle path is considered the most beautiful in Europe and, perhaps, of the world. For the fans who have been waiting for her for years, she is the “dream cycle track”.

A few kilometers of track (for the moment only 2 kilometers, but an extension of a total of 12 km is planned) that changes scenery behind every curve, like an artist's painting.

2,5 meters wide and illuminated at night, you can walk as well as ride a bicycle, but, precisely because it is also pedestrianized, you must respect the speed limit of 10 km / hour.

The track starts from Limone sul Garda and reaches Capo Reamol, in the Brescia area, on the border with Trentino Alto Adige. "This track is part of a single larger project, that of the Garda cycle-pedestrian", explained the Mayor of Limone Franceschino Risatti in an interview with ForTravelAdviceLovers a few weeks before the inauguration "by 2030 it will be a single interregional cycle path ".


To achieve it, it took a company of acrobats such as the thirty GeoRock who made use of harnesses, cables and even helicopters to hook the thin walkway of wood and steel to the rocky walls of the mountain at a height of 50 meters overlooking the lake. The visual impact of the structure on the environment is also minimal. “They did a crazy job,” Risatti commented. According to Antonio Martinelli, councilor for public works, interviewed a year ago by ForTravelAdviceLovers, "You will have the sensation of 'walking' by bicycle on the water".

Once completed, the Garda cycle path will cover the entire circumnavigation of the lake, joining the Trentino shore to that of Verona and Brescia in a single 140 km itinerary. It will be linked with the Ciclovia del Sole - an itinerary of over 2.000 kilometers, which connects the Brenner with Santa Teresa di Gallura, in Sardinia, and which crosses 11 regions - and with the Wind Cycle Route (the Po cycle tourism ridge), in a network of routes that will embrace the stretch of water joining the shores of the lake and, in the next few years, will offer a long-distance network on a national scale of over a thousand kilometers.

Going along this track allows you to discover some of the most beautiful places on Lake Garda, where it is possible to stay overnight for one or more nights in order to better organize the visit. Among these locations, we recommend the beautiful Riva del Garda which is located at the northern end (here the offers on Booking), or Desenzano on the opposite side of the lake (all hotels) or the famous spa town of Sirmione (book a hotel on Booking )

The work has become a tourist attraction prominent for the Alto Garda, given the continuous increase in interest in sports holidays. In the next few years it will transform the Garda area into a real paradise for cycle tourism lovers from all over Europe, who already visit the lake in large numbers every year.

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