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Love them glacial temperatures, the snow and the intense and bitter cold? Can't stand the summer, with its suffocating heat? Do you prefer the mountains with its glaciers to the sunny beach? This article will show you which are the coldest cities in Italy, where all lovers of low temperatures can find refreshment from the various "boils".
Common belief is what it is Bolzano the coldest place in our country but, despite its position decidedly to the north, it has a climate with Mediterranean, continental and alpine elements. It is also true that, almost universally, Italy is considered the country of the sun and the mild Mediterranean climate with its mild temperatures. Despite this fame, it is also true that, even in our peninsula, there are places where the mercury column drops really steeply, and touches values ​​that are nothing short of glacial. For anyone wishing to know where these sub-zero peaks are reached, here is it ranking of the coldest places in Italy.

Ranking: the coldest province in Italy

  1. Aosta - Average annual temperature: 3,6 °
  2. Bolzano - Average annual temperature: 4,6 °
  3. Sondrio - Average annual temperature: 6,1 °
  4. Trento - Average annual temperature: 6,9 °
  5. Verbano-Cusio-Ossola - Average annual temperature: 7,1 °
  6. Turin - Average annual temperature: 7,3 °
  7. Belluno - Average annual temperature: 7,4 °
  8. Biella - Average annual temperature: 9,4 °
  9. Vercelli - Average annual temperature: 9,7 °
  10. L'Aquila - Average annual temperature: 9,9 °

Curiosity: what was the coldest temperature ever recorded in Italy?

The answer comes to us thanks to a group of weather and climate enthusiasts: the Italian record of absolute minimum temperature belongs to the locality of the karst sinkhole Busa Fradusta Nord. There record temperature of -49,6 ° C was registered on 10 February 2013 in this very place, located on the Pale di San Martino Plateau, in Trentino-Alto Adige.
We also know what it is the coldest capital of Italy: or Belluno, with an average annual temperature of 9,8 ° C.

The coldest city in Italy today!

Who today holds the record of the coldest city?
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