The Cities with the stranger names of the World

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In the world there are millions and millions of words that combined together can give rise to more varied names.
But only us of ForTravelAdviceLovers we managed to find the most singular, extravagant e bizarre chosen for a city. The misunderstanding double meaning, the most intriguing oddities and the most disturbing oddities will guide you in our list of cities with the strangest names in the worldEtc.


  1. Here are the cities with the funniest names:
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Here are the cities with the funniest names:

  1. GOLASECCA - VARESE: The country where water never fails.
  2. ALTOLA '- MODENA: The favorite place for law enforcement
  3. WHYNOT - NORTH CAROLINA: How can it come to mind to call a city why not is a doubt that no one can allay
  4. HOUSE OF THE DEVIL - PERUGIA: They say that in order to balance the situation, the Vatican abundantly finances the Churches present in the area.
  5. WHY - ARIZONA: Because ? Because? And above all, why !!!
  6. FEMINAMORTA - PISTOIA: The city most requested by husbands really exists !!! It is located in Italy, precisely in the province of Pistoia.
  7. PURGATORIO - TRAPANI: For those who have problems with conscience, we suggest a nice visit to the hamlet of the municipality of Trapani.
  8. MATELLICA - RAVENNA: The only city where rock is law.
  9. FRANKENSTEIN - MISSOURI: For lovers of the horror genre.
  10. BASTARDO - UMBRIA: For women who prefer men as they are.
  11. BASTARD - SWEDEN: For Northern European women who prefer men as they are.
  12. BATMAN - TURKEY: For superhero lovers only.
  13. DINOSAUR - COLORADO: The ideal city for families with children in tow.
  14. FAIR PLAY - NEW JERSEY: The city where the referees sleep soundly.
  15. FUCKING - AUSTRIA: In Austria there is a saying: "they never sent you ...."
  16. MADDALENA - SARDINIA: For practicing believers only.
  17. GAY - GEORGIA: Politically correct city.
  18. POPE - SCOTLAND: Country for believers and baciapile.
  19. SEXY - PERU: Never name was more deceptive, the city offers little more than its name.
  20. POTENZA - BASILICATA: All bodybuilding lovers should give it a thought.
  21. CLIMAX - MICHIGAN: Only for Italian teachers. The few who remember that Climax is also a figure of speech.
  22. CONDOM - GERS: With such a name every citizen can sleep with the serenity of being ... preserved.
  23. ERECT - NORTH CAROLINA: More than a name it seems an invitation to show one's virility.
  24. PUSSY CREEK - OHIO: The city adored by pimps.
  25. PORTO CERVO - SARDINIA: The only city where all husbands return "changed".
  26. GODO - EMILIA ROMAGNA: Who wouldn't want to visit a place called that?
  27. DUCK - MEADOW: You say that in Prato there is also a fraction dedicated to Mickey Mouse?
  28. SEX - REGGIO EMILIA: if you want to sink into the pleasures of the flesh, this is your destination!
  29. ORGY - TUSCANY: for more libertine and sexually exuberant types.

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