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    The Bronx: the cradle of hip-hop and the New York Yankees

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    It is the northernmost neighborhood in New York City, as well as being the only one located primarily on the mainland. The area, which originally belonged to the Indian Lenape population, became over the centuries the home of Dutch, Swedish and English immigrants, soon supplanted, in the 900s, by Puerto Ricans and Dominicans.

    Today the Bronx boasts a significant number of attractions even if its reputation has certainly not enhanced its growth from a tourist point of view. So let's first see if it is a safe neighborhood and what we can expect from a visit in terms of places of interest.


    • Is the Bronx dangerous?
    • Where is it and how to get there
    • What to see and do in the neighborhood
      • Grand Concourse
      • Yankee Stadium
      • Bronx Central Post Office
      • Walk of fame
      • New York Botanical Garden
      • Bronx Museum of the Arts
      • Arthur Avenue: la Little Italy di New York
      • The Joker staircase
      • South Bronx Cultural Corridor
      • BronxArtSpace
      • Pregones theater
      • Bronx Documentary Center
      • Bronx zoo
      • Bronx Children’s Museum
      • Cottage at Edgar Allan Poe
    • Unexpected shopping
      • Bronx Terminal Market
      • Macy’s Backstage
    • Where to eat
      • Court Deli
      • Giovanni's
      • Bronx Brewery
      • Bronx Beer Hall
    • Accomodation

    Is the Bronx dangerous?

    Scene from the movie Joker

    It was between the end of the 800th and the beginning of the 900th century that the neighborhood began to become infamous for organized crime, crime and illegal immigration. From the mid-80s, however, the Bronx it recorded a significant change, both in economic and social terms, transforming itself into a "redemption" neighborhood, at least in some of its areas. This does not mean that the Bronx remains a neighborhood much more risky of other areas of New York City, although improvements are constant and noticeable almost everywhere.

    In terms of safety, it should be emphasized that a lot depends on how you behave, both towards the residents and the environment. It is therefore good to keep in mind that, although the New York crime rate is constantly falling, that of the Bronx always remains almost stable, when not rising.

    Basically, it is advisable to always pay attention (especially in the area called South Bronx) but, while there are no major problems during the day, it is not recommended to wander around the Bronx at night, especially on foot. Better not to visit it with large sums of money in your wallet, or dressed up with too much gold on. Having said that, it is good to know that there are so many attractions and interesting places, so with a healthy dose of caution you can live wonderful experiences.

    Where is it and how to get there

    The Bronx is between Westchester County to the north, the East River which separates it from Queens to the south, Long Island Sound to the east, and the Harlem River to the west. The neighborhood is quite extensive therefore, as it gives you some indication to reach its main points of interest by metro:

    • Grand Concourse area, Yankee Stadium and Bronx Museum of the Arts: lines B, D (orange) and 4 (green). Suggested stop: 161 Street - Yankee Stadium Station
    • Bronx Zoo area: lines 2 (red) and 5 (green). Stop: Pelham Pkwy
    • Edgar Alla Poe's Cottage Zone: lines B and D (orange). Stop: Kingsbridge Road Subway Station

    I refer you to our guide on how to use the subway in New York.

    What to see and do in the neighborhood

    Grand Concourse

    One of the main streets of the Bronx, Grand Concourse was designed in the late 800s and is a mix of architecture, history and art deco buildings. Extravagant facades surround buildings designed in the Tudor, Renaissance and Colonial styles, and the great thoroughfare that passes between them was thought to be a sort of American response to the Parisian Champs-Élysées.

    Just over 8 kilometers long, on the Grand Concourse is the Fish Building, one of the most interesting buildings on the street (1150 Grand Concourse) characterized by rounded metal installations and precious mosaics on the facade that reproduce an aquarium. A little further south along the Grand Concourse is the Lorelein Fountain (East 161st Street), a white marble fountain built in honor of the German poet Heinrich Heine, directly overlooking the Joyce Kilmer Park, small but nice green corner.

    Yankee Stadium

    It is the undisputed temple of baseball and home of the New York Yankees, 27 times World Series champions. Thanks to guided tours, you will have the unmissable chance to see historical artifacts related to this sport in person, visit exclusive locations and spaces, normally closed to the public, as well as receive first-hand interesting information both on the team and on the great events they have had. place here.

    Among the commercials included in the tour the locker of Thurman Munson, legendary baseball player and 7 times All-Star, the New York Yankees Museum and the famous Monument Park. Tours are available according to the season and cost from $ 25 for adults and $ 23 for under 14s.

    • Where: 1 E 161 St., The Bronx, NYC.

    The stadium tour is available from the attractions of the following passes:

    • New York Explorer Pass
    • Build Your Own Pass
    • New York Pass

    If you are looking for tickets to a Yankees game, you can buy them on this site with 10 euro discount by typing the TRAVEL code.

    Yankees Tickets

    Bronx Central Post Office

    Jimmy Emerson's photo

    Historic building and of national interest, built in the 30s, the Bronx Central Post Office is characterized, inside, by 13 large murals from the New Deal era that color the walls. The portraits are inspired by Walt Witman's text “I hear America singing” and depict people in the act of doing their job.

    Built with ash gray bricks and surrounded by a granite terrace (on which there are two sculptures), the building is made more "gentle" by the windows surmounted by marble arches. Inside there are the post office, a restaurant and some offices.

    • Where: 558 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, NYC.

    Walk of fame

    Foto di Ruben Diaz Jr

    Of course everyone knows about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it is equally certain that hardly anyone knows that the Bronx has its own too. Located along the Grand Concourse, this street was designed to honor the neighbors who made their neighbors proud.

    Rather than stepping on plaques, however, the Bronx characters are remembered and honored with road signs (over 100) that wind their way along the eight-kilometer Grand Concourse. Every year, during the Bronx Week, the neighborhood president adds new notable characters to the Bronx Walk of Fame. Among those mentioned here are Stanley Kubrick, Red Buttons, Colin Powell and Tony Orlando.

    • Where: along Grand Concourse, between 149th Street and 161st Street, The Bronx, NYC.

    New York Botanical Garden

    A few steps from the famous Bronx Zoo, a splendid botanical garden extends over 100 hectares, the real pride of the neighborhood. The spectacular welcome that the crystal dome at the entrance will give you (Enid A. Haupt Conservatory) will immediately make you understand that you are not anywhere: gardens with palm trees, fern forests, tropical ecosystems, fruit tree crops and various types of floral shows await you here, which you can visit by moving comfortably with the tram, which completes a complete tour of the park in 30 minutes, making 6 stops.

    A tip: if you come here during the Christmas period, don't miss it Holiday Train Show, a small winter wonderland in miniature. It runs every year from Thanksgiving to mid-January (requires advance booking).

    • Where: 2900 Southern Blvd, The Bronx, NYC.

    Bronx Museum of the Arts

    An interesting museum center, the Bronx Museum of the Arts features exhibitions dedicated to contemporary art, as well as educational programs that aim to foster intercultural dialogue.

    Founded in the 70s, the museum's primary objective was to make art, in all its forms, as accessible as possible to anyone, especially the Bronx community, by connecting schools, visitors and children. direct with artists and art expressions.

    Open Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 18pm (except Friday, when it closes at 20pm), access to the museum is free.

    • Where: 1040 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, NYC.

    Arthur Avenue: la Little Italy di New York

    If the most famous Little Italy in Manhattan has made you turn up your nose a little, you might change your mind by visiting that of the Bronx, considered by many, and probably not wrongly, the real and authentic Little Italy in New York City. Here you can feel a little homesick, taste great Spanish food, stroll a street (Arthur Avenue) with a retro charm and meet a proud and welcoming community.

    The most interesting area is bordered by Arthur Avenue, East 187th Street and Crescent Avenue, and to get there by subway, you will have to take lines B, D or 4, get off at the station 182nd-183rd Sts (or Fordham Road) and walk approximately 15-20 minutes.

    The Joker staircase

    A scene from the film Joker with Joaquin Phoenix transformed the long staircase of a residential neighborhood not far from Yankee Stadium into a real tourist attraction. After the release of the film, this hitherto unknown point was literally stormed by tourists and the condominiums seem not to have liked it too much. If you decide to visit it, keep in mind that tourists are not really well seen here.

    The address of the staircase is 1165 Shakespeare Avenue and reaching it is very simple, just get off at 167 Street stop (lines 4, B and D) and walk for about 4 minutes. Here are the directions in detail: take E 167 Street west, turn left on Jerome Avenue, turn right on Shakespeare Avenue. After about fifty meters the staircase will be on your left.

    • Where: 1165 Shakespeare Avenue, The Bronx, NYC.

    South Bronx Cultural Corridor

    On the first Wednesday of each month (except in January and September), a tram in the Bronx departs at every hour and stops at different locations, along the so-called South Bronx Cultural Corridor. Each stop is different from the others and ranges from cultural attractions to museums, from restaurants to places to have fun.

    The only fil rouge that binds everything is art: museums and galleries, in fact, offer artistic openings, ad hoc meetings and events designed for the wider public. The tram, which runs along the Grand Concourse, allows participants to build their own visit independently, being able to get on and off where they prefer.

    Access to the exhibitions and the tram is free. The departure times of the tram are 17.30, 18.30 and 19.30 (the first Wednesday of each month).

    • Where: di fronte all’Hostos Community College, 450 Grand Concourse & 149th Street, The Bronx, NYC.


    J-No's photo

    Art gallery dedicated to Bronx and international artists, BronxArtSpace is an organization that aims to promote independent and emerging artists. Not only painting, but also installations, concerts, workshops and educational meetings. The gallery is open from Wednesday to Friday, from 12 to 18.30, Saturday from 12 to 17. Admission is free.

    • Where: 305 E 140th Street, The Bronx, NYC.

    Pregones theater

    Founded 40 years ago, this bilingual “traveling theater” brings Latin American culture around New York through multi-disciplinary artistic performances such as musicals, musical performances, theatrical performances.

    The Bronx-based theater company also gives space to talented artists who perform in dance, puppet, musical productions and more. The theater is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 17pm, and some shows are free.

    • Where: 571 Walton Av., The Bronx, NYC.

    Bronx Documentary Center

    The center has a very wide program, with about 35 exhibitions organized every year, in which space is given to film screenings, workshops and guided tours, completely free.

    The Bronx Documentary Center displays works of art by internationally renowned artists, as well as photographs, documentaries and works by emerging authors, with a focus on education, social change and justice.

    The gallery is open Thursday and Friday from 15 to 19 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 13 to 17 pm Admission is free.

    • Where: 614 Courtlandt Av., The Bronx, NYC.

    Bronx zoo

    Opened in 1899, it bronx zoo it is one of the oldest in the city and inside is the first modern animal hospital created in New York. With over 6.000 animals (and 700 different species), specimens from all over the world can be found in this zoo: from gorillas to alligators, from pink flamingos to lions, to albino tigers.

    However, it should not be thought that this is the classic "sad zoo", in which animals are kept in cages, far from it. Being an entity part of a larger reality, whose purpose is to heal and preserve animal species, the Bronx Zoo works in concert with the Zoological Society for the protection and protection of numerous specimens of fauna, often at risk of extinction.

    The park is open from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 17, on weekends and public holidays from 10 to 17.30. The cost of admission is $ 39,95 for adults and $ 29,95 for children. Over 65: $ 34,95.

    • Where: 2300 Southern Boulevard, The Bronx, NYC.

    Bronx Children’s Museum

    Opened in 2005, this museum is completely dedicated to children (and their families) and aims to teach them the richness and diversity of the Earth. It is to all intents and purposes a "museum without walls", given the open spaces in which arts, sciences and curiosities can be enjoyed by all, without channeling visitors into too clear and defined paths.

    Admission is free to encourage families living in the Bronx to bring their children. In addition to the exhibitions (permanent and not), in the museum children have the opportunity to create their own work of art, following courses and workshops. Currently, the museum complex is undergoing restoration and expansion interventions and the new center will be open to the public in 2020. As before, the museum will have free admission for the next reopening.

    • Where: the new museum headquarters will be located at 725 Gateway Center Boulevard, The Bronx, NYC.

    Cottage at Edgar Allan Poe

    Built in 1812, this cottage has become a historical museum that collects unmissable gems from the famous writer who lived here almost until his death. Within these walls Poe wrote some volumes including The Bells, Eureka and the poem Annabel Lee.

    The cottage can be visited on Thursday and Friday from 10 to 15, Saturday from 10 to 16, Sunday from 13 to 17. The cost of the entrance ticket is $ 5 for adults and $ 3 for students, children and over 65s.

    • Where: 2640 Grand Concourse / East Kingsbridge Road, The Bronx, NYC.

    Unexpected shopping

    Bronx Terminal Market

    Opened in 1935, the Bronx Terminal Market is a shopper's paradise. There is really everything: from the freshest fruit and vegetables to designer clothes, from tailored shoes to children's games, up to restaurants specializing in fish dishes. The Bronx Terminal Market is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 21.30pm, Sunday from 9am to 18pm.

    • Where: 610 Exterior Street, The Bronx, NYC.

    Macy’s Backstage

    Bronx's Macy's Backstage is one of New York's most famous Macy's outlets. Inside, even more convenient solutions than the "official" store, where you can buy top-level brands at unquestionably competitive prices. The store is open every day, from Monday to Saturday, from 10 to 21.30, Sunday from 11 to 20.

    • Where: 404 E Fordham Road, The Bronx, NYC.

    Where to eat

    Court Deli

    Initially a kosher restaurant, today the restaurant serves all kinds of dishes, both for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Specializing in burgers and chicken wraps, you can also order yummy omelets, Jewish knish, super-stuffed sandwiches, salads and grilled meats.

    Finally, the homemade soups are particularly popular. Price per person, excluding drinks, from $ 14.95. The restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 6am to 21pm, Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 22pm.

    • Where: 96 E 161st Street, The Bronx, NYC.


    Established in the 90s, Giovanni's Restaurant is an informal restaurant in which the family atmosphere and the goodness of homemade dishes dominate everything. Specializing in Italian cuisine, you can order pizza, mixed grilled fish, tortellini in broth and meat dishes.

    In addition, of course, to the classic burgers and the less obvious calzone. Price for dinner, per person and excluding drinks, from $ 27,95. The restaurant is open every day from 10 to midnight.

    • Where: 579 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, NYC.

    Bronx Brewery

    Wonderful brewery in the heart of the Bronx, all tastes are catered for here: seasonal beers and year-round beers, brand new brews and great classics. At the Bronx Brewery there are not only excellent beers, but also a whole series of events that mix nectar with tastings, concerts, performances by artists.

    But most spectacular of all is that each beer is offered in a designer can, designed by artists most of whom are Bronx residents. Cost of a pint, from $ 1! The brewery is open Monday to Wednesday from 15pm to 19pm, Thursday and Friday from 15pm to 20pm, Saturday from 12pm to 20pm and Sunday from 12pm to 19pm.

    • Where: 856 E 136Th Street, The Bronx, NYC.

    Bronx Beer Hall

    Another historic place in the Bronx, this brewery serves fine craft beers in a warm and welcoming environment, where appetizers, hamburgers and chips, slices of pizza are also offered in combination. Excellent wine menu, sublime craft beers.

    Cost of half a pint of beer from $ 4,50. Dishes start at $ 7. Furthermore, it should be noted that the calendar of events organized here throughout the year is really rich and ranges from live music concerts to karaoke. The Bronx Beer Hall is open Monday from 16 to 23 pm, from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 to the last customer, Sunday from 11 to 20.

    • Where: 2344 Arthur Av., The Bronx, NYC.


    Unless you have special needs it is quite rare to go to sleep in the Bronx, essentially for 3 reasons:

    • it is quite far from the nerve center of New York City (Manhattan) attractions
    • the number of structures is not particularly high
    • the aforementioned safety issue to which particular attention should be paid at night

    At the same time it must be said that some areas of the neighborhood are still well connected, for example the Yankee Stadium area from which in about 20-30 minutes by subway you will be in Times Square. If you want to give it a try and hopefully save a few dollars, you can take a look at list of structures available on booking.

    For an overview of which are the recommended neighborhoods, some recommended facilities and some tips to save you can read our dedicated guide:

    Our tips for sleeping in New York

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