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The elementary equation says: holiday equals relaxation. But are we really sure that this is always the case?
For example, try going to the beach on any Sunday in August: traffic on the ring road, endless laps to find parking and incredible chaos on the beach with crying children, teenagers throwing water balloons and all kinds of sellers who just can't leave you for a moment. of tranquility. In short, a real hell!
Listen to us if you really want to spend one relaxing holiday, you absolutely must choose the best of the best!
For example, treat yourself to a nice one wellness weekend in one of the Best Wellness Clubs in Italy!
Here is a selection of the best spas and spas in the beautiful country; fabulous places that offer excellent service. Take our word for it, between exotic massages and exceptional face / body treatments, your soul will really benefit ...


  1. Eira Terme, Imperia (Liguria)
  2. Approdo Thalasso spa, Salerno (Campania)
  3. Poseidon Thermal Gardens, Ischia (Campania)
  4. TSpa del THotel, Cagliari (Sardinia)
  5. Torre del Grifo Spa, Catania (Sicily)
  6. Verdura Resort, Agrigento (Sicily)
  7. Costazzurra Museum & Spa, Agrigento (Sicily)
  8. Acqua Space del Mira Spiaggia Hotel, Trapani (Sicily)
  9. Agua Spa del Visir Resort, Trapani (Sicily)
  10. Cave of the Himalaya, Perugia (Umbria)
  11. Q-bo Wellness, Fermo (Marche)
  12. Terme di Saturnia, Grosseto (Tuscany)
  13. Asmana Wellness World, Florence (Tuscany)
  14. Theia Thermal Pools, Siena (Tuscany)
  15. Lebestetik Beauty & Spa, Verona (Veneto)
  16. Garda Thermae, Trento (Trentino Alto Adige)
  17. Kristiania SPA, Peio (Trentino Alto Adige)
  18. Spa Lago delle Sorgenti, Alessandria (Piedmont)
  19. My SPAce del Ferretti Beach Hotel, Rimini (Emilia Romagna)
  20. La Fenice Spa, Rome (Lazio)
  21. Relax Day, Rome (Lazio)
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Eira Terme, Imperia (Liguria)

  • Address: Via Seuda, Diano Castello
  • Telephone+ 39 0183 493552
  • Email:

Eira Terme offers thermal paths and pools internal and external, surrounded by greenery, with a holistic proposal and attention dedicated to individual reservations.
It has a organic beauty center, for beauty care through cosmetics and natural treatments, such as Active ingredient Eira BioCurativa, excerpted here.

Approdo Thalasso spa, Salerno (Campania)

  • Address: Via Porto, San Marco di Castellabate
  • Telephone+ 39 0974 966002
  • Email:

Approdo Thalasso Spa is a modern structure that offers services of the highest quality. The particularly suggestive natural location, among pines, olive trees, strawberry trees and mastic trees, gives guests emotions a stay of pure relaxation.

Poseidon Thermal Gardens, Ischia (Campania)

  • Address: Via Giovanni Mazzella, SNC, Citara Bay, Forio d'Ischia
  • Telephone+ 39 081 9087181
  • Email:

I Poseidon Gardens they are a large Thermal Park, capable of guaranteeing different tourist solutions. The services guaranteed by the Health and Wellness Center are particularly appreciated, including aesthetic, holistic and medical-rehabilitation treatments.

TSpa del THotel, Cagliari (Sardinia)

  • Address: Via Dei Giudicati, 66
  • Telephone<p>+382 68 112 122<p>
  • Email:

within the THotel of Cagliari is located on TSpa, Exclusive Center [comfortzone].
Il TSPA offers Water Journey Path, with six hydromassage stations in the large tub, Turkish bath, emotional showers, a fitness area to regenerate the body and rediscover natural beauty: the treatments and massages of the exclusive [comfortzone] line.

Torre del Grifo Spa, Catania (Sicily)

  • Address: Via Magenta, Mascalucia (CT)
  • Telephone+ 39 095 7276488
  • Email:

Torre del Grifo is a multipurpose sports center in Mascalucia. It is proposed as the ideal place to live a multi-sensorial experience, through which to rediscover one's body and reconcile with oneself.

Verdura Resort, Agrigento (Sicily)

  • Address: SS 115, Km 131, Sciacca
  • Telephone+ 39 0925 998001
  • Email:

within the Verdura Resort there is one of the most luxurious spas in Italy, appreciated for its services by tourists from every region of the "Bel Paese" and the whole world.

Costazzurra Museum & Spa, Agrigento (Sicily)

  • Address: Via delle Viole, 2, San Leone
  • Telephone+ 39 0922 411222
  • Email:

Thanks to the collection of important archaeological finds exhibited in the common areas and in some rooms, Il Costazzura is so far thethe only archeo-hotel in Italy. Inside there is one of the most popular spas by tourists.

Acqua Space del Mira Spiaggia Hotel, Trapani (Sicily)

  • Address: Via Lungomare, 6, San Vito Lo Capo
  • Telephone+ 39 0923 972355
  • Email:

Located in the splendid Sicilian setting of San Vito lo Capo, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, lies the formidable Mira Beach Hotel. Inside theSpace water offers relaxation services of the highest quality to guests.

Agua Spa del Visir Resort, Trapani (Sicily)

  • Address: Via del Mare, 211, Mazara del Vallo
  • Telephone+ 39 0923 1821111
  • Email:

We always remain in Sicily, still in the Province of Trapani, but this time from San Vito we move towards Mazara del Vallo, a pearl of Arab history and culture.
Inside the Visir Resort there is theAgua Spa, undoubtedly one of the most popular wellness centers in Sicily.

Cave of the Himalaya, Perugia (Umbria)

  • Address: Via Aldo Moro, 14, Corciano
  • Telephone+ 39 075 5181123
  • Email:

La Himalayan cave di Corciano is not really a SPA, however it offers top quality wellness treatments. The treatments in the Himalayan Room and in the Himalayan Bath, in support of proper medical therapy, are an excellent method to relieve various types of discomfort in a natural way.

Q-bo Wellness, Fermo (Marche)

  • Address: C.da Piane Di Monteverde, 19, Montegiorgio
  • Telephone+ 39 0734 967162
  • Email:

We move to the Marche and precisely to the municipality of Montegiorgio in the Province of Fermo. Here it is Q-bo Wellness a magnificent structure designed to satisfy any need for relaxation.

Terme di Saturnia, Grosseto (Tuscany)

  • Address: Loc. Follonata, Saturnia
  • Telephone+ 39 0564 600111
  • Email:

Le Terme di Saturnia are located at the foot of the fantastic medieval village of Saturnia, in the Province of Grosseto. They offer experiences of pure well-being through beauty treatments, massage practices and specific paths for customers.

Asmana Wellness World, Florence (Tuscany)

  • Address: Viale Allende, 10, Campi Bisenzio
  • Telephone +39 055 776771
  • Email:

It is located in the province of Florence, and more precisely in the municipality of Campi Bisenzio Asmana Wellness World.
It offers customers several whirlpools, sauna and Turkish hammam.

Theia Thermal Pools, Siena (Tuscany)

  • Address: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 8, Chianciano Terme
  • Telephone<p>+382 68 112 122<p>
  • Email:

Tuscany is one of the most represented regions on our list, thanks also to Terme di Chianciano SPA, a company that includes and manages two wellness establishments: the spectacular ones Theia thermal pools and Sensory spa located inside the Acqua Santa Park.

Lebestetik Beauty & Spa, Verona (Veneto)

  • Address: Via Torricelle, 2c
  • Telephone+ 39 045 8301811
  • Email:

Lebestetik is located in Verona and is an ideal place for those who want to indulge in wellness treatments for the care of body and soul. In addition to being a beauty center, you can let yourself be pampered by the hands of expert masseurs or immerse yourself in fascinating oriental rituals.

Garda Thermae, Trento (Trentino Alto Adige)

  • Address: Via Linfano, 52, Località Linfano - Arco
  • Telephone+ 39 0464 548012
  • Email:

Garda Thermae is a fantastic wellness center surrounded by nature that offers a large wellness area with saunas and steam baths, a stainless steel swimming pool with whirlpools, a saline pool with a panoramic view (open during the summer season), a beauty center with treatments and specialized massages and a specialist outpatient clinic. The Center has as its objective the total well-being of the guest and pursues it by offering high quality services. Recommended for lovers of modern design and for those who want to dedicate a day of authentic wellness as tradition teaches.

Kristiania SPA, Peio (Trentino Alto Adige)

  • Address: Via S. Antonio, 18, Cogolo di Peio
  • Telephone: + 39.0463.754157
  • Email:

In Cogolo, a hamlet of the pretty town of Peio in Trentino, it is located Kristiania SPA, a truly spectacular structure able to offer excellent services in a breathtaking natural and landscape context.

Spa Lago delle Sorgenti, Alessandria (Piedmont)

  • Address: Viale Donati, 25, Bagni area, Acqui Terme
  • Telephone+ 39 0144 321860
  • Email:

The mantra of Spa Lago delle Sorgenti è: Regenerating oneself with water, Rebalancing oneself with sounds.
The fusion of these two elements is the fundamental component that allows the guests of the structure to live a unique experience. The property features fantastic pools of pure spring thermal water.

My SPAce del Ferretti Beach Hotel, Rimini (Emilia Romagna)

  • Address: Viale Regina Elena, 32, Rimini
  • Telephone+ 39 0541 381555
  • Email:

Emilia Romagna also boasts one of the best Wellness centers in the Bel Paese. My Space It is in the Ferretti Beach Hotel and offers wellness programs that include hydromassage pool, body massages and sun shower.

La Fenice Spa, Rome (Lazio)

  • Address: Via della Folgarella, 91/95, Ciampino
  • Telephone: +39 06 45433072 and +39 393 9245478
  • Email:

A few steps from the capital there is an excellent facility where you can try treatments from which you will reap physical and mental benefits. We are talking about the excellent La Fenice Spa, which offers beauty, naturopathic and wellness treatments, real purification rituals at rather competitive prices. Inside the structure there is also one salt cave, relaxing and useful for fighting allergies, asthma and seasonal illnesses.

Relax Day, Rome (Lazio)

  • Address: Via Orazio Gentileschi, 2, 00012 Guidonia RM
  • Telephone+ 39 0774302106
  • Email:

Relax Day it is a special place, a wellness center dedicated to men and women who love to always feel good about themselves.
The whole project is based on the cardinal principle that harmony and beauty are the essential spirit of the soul, and the body is none other than their very essence. The center offers beauty treatments, chromoaromatherapy and other professional wellness services.

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