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Besides the bike, another widely used means of transport is the scooter, which allows you to quickly reach any place, without making any physical effort. It is possible to rent it on the island, the important thing is to always wear the helmet supplied and remember that there are only two petrol stations on the island and are located in Saint Francesc and Saint Ferran.

Another means by which you can move comfortably and quickly in Formentera is the taxi, especially useful for those traveling in groups. In addition to the Radio Taxi service (tel. 971322342), available 24 hours a day, it is possible to find fixed stations at the port of La Savina (tel. 24), in Es Pujols (tel. 971322002) and in Sant Francesc Xavier (tel. 971328016) ). The taxi service also offers the possibility of using a vehicle adapted to the transport of the disabled.

Very comfortable they are the buses, whose stops are located in the main places of interest, such as El Pilar, Ca Marí, Mariland, es Caló, Sant Ferran, playa de Illetes, es Pujols, sa Roqueta, Sant Francesc Xavier and La Savina. Public transport services are available throughout the year, but are obviously strengthened in the summer. There are regular bus lines between all the towns and tourist centers, as well as to the main beaches of the island. In particular, the Autocares Paya bus lines ( - tel +34 971323181) connect all the most important points of the island. These buses run from 7.30 in the morning until 19.30 and there is also the possibility of requesting a mini bus adapted for the transport of the disabled. By clicking on the following link:, you can consult all the timetables and stops, according to your needs.

Obviously, another very exploited medium is the boat, which allows tourists to visit the island directly from the sea. Of course, the costs are less contained, but it is the only way to take a swim away from the crowded beaches of tourists. It is possible to rent one at the Savina or in Marina Formentera.

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