The Best Tourist Villages and Resorts of Sardinia

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When the last day of spring approaches and the chirping of cicadas echoes more and more insistently, an atmosphere of general excitement spreads: summer is upon us.
As every year, beach holidays are the most usual solution. This time we want to put the magnifying glass on the Sardinia, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

Among the many ways to visit this island, a stay in a tourist village it is certainly one of the most suitable. Families with children, young couples or groups of children, everyone can appreciate the natural wonders of the area and the spectacular beaches of the coast, all while being pampered by excellent services in a magnificent Resort, Resort o campground. But what are the best villages in Sardinia?
To answer this question we asked the experts of for help. Here is the list of the most functional and beautiful structures scattered along the coast of Sardinia.


  1. Forte Village
  2. Camping Baia Blu La Tortuga
  3. Hotel Club Saraceno
  4. Horse Country Resort
  5. Arbatax Park Resort
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Forte Village

  • Address: State Road 195, Km 39,600,09010 Santa Margherita di Pula CA
  • Telephone<p>+382 68 112 122<p>
  • E-mail:

Il Forte Village Resort is a riot of elegance and refinement, an incredible structure that just looking at it transmits a feeling of total relaxation and fun. It offers tourist solutions such as hotel rooms, independent apartments and villas, swimming pools and numerous sports fields, a Thalasso & Spa area and an excellent restaurant specializing in international haute cuisine.

Camping Baia Blu La Tortuga

  • Address: Pineta di Vignola Mare, Vignola Mare OT
  • Telephone+ 39 079 602200
  • E-mail:

Il Camping la Tortuga belongs to the Baia Holiday group. The area is divided into three areas: Village, Resort and Camping. Guests can choose between different accommodation solutions including mobile homes and caravans. There are also three different pitches for caravans and campers. The structure contains a wellness center and a diving center.

Hotel Club Saraceno

  • Address: Location San Gemiliano, 08048 Arbatax, Tortolì OG
  • Telephone+ 39 0782 667318
  • E-mail:

Hotel Club Saraceno it offers the elegance and comfort typical of a hotel together with the quality and variety of services characteristic of the best tourist villages. Among the services offered to guests we point out the entertainment and the mini club for the little ones, the fantastic private beach and the swimming pool. It is an optimal solution for families with children.

Horse Country Resort

  • Address: Strada a Mare 24, 27,09092 Arborea OR
  • Telephone+ 39 0783 80500
  • E-mail:

Do you dream of a sporting holiday in the open air, in contact with animals and immersed in a beautiful landscape that combines natural wonders and absolutely elegant environments? Horse Country Resort is the solution. The peculiarity of the resort are obviously the activities involving horses. If you are fascinated by the idea of ​​an original and innovative holiday, Horse Country Resort is right for you.

Arbatax Park Resort

  • Address: Via Capri, 49 / B, 08048 Arbatax, Tortoli OG
  • Telephone+ 39 0782 667790
  • E-mail:

L'Arbatax Park it is perhaps among the most beautiful resorts on the island, certainly the largest by far; its area extends for over 60 hectares. It is perfect for young people, families and couples, and offers a total experience to all its guests, including tourist solutions and first-rate entertainment activities. It features a spectacular spa and several areas dedicated to sport and fitness.

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