The best themed hotels in Las Vegas: the most suggestive hotels on the Strip

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Las Vegas is as famous for gambling as it is for its bold and monumental ones theme hotel, accommodation facilities inspired by a specific theme, such as a historical environment, an ancient civilization or a famous city.

These structures, which fascinate for their particular evocative function, can sometimes be a bit kitschy, however any stay in Vegas it cannot be said to be such without a walk in at least one of these mammoth hotels.

This article is therefore dedicated to this type of hotel, which, more than all the others, contribute to the creation of the bizarre skyline of the Las Vegas Strip, the most famous street in the city.


  • Las Vegas themed hotels: the most suggestive structures
    • The sphinxes and Egyptian pyramids of Luxor
    • Excalibur Castle
    • New York New York: Manhattan a Las Vegas
    • MGM: the hotel dedicated to Hollywood
    • Paris: the romantic atmosphere of Paris
    • Caesars Palace: the glories of ancient Rome
    • Mirage: when Polynesia becomes a hotel
    • Mandalay Bay: the luxury of Southeast Asia
    • More Las Vegas themed hotels

Las Vegas themed hotels: the most suggestive structures

- themed hotels they are the attempt carried out by the millionaire entrepreneurs of Las Vegas to make their visitors relive the atmosphere of ancient times or the landscapes of distant places. Here are the best: which of these environmental reconstructions would you like to immerse yourself in?

The sphinxes and Egyptian pyramids of Luxor

The hotel is built inside a large pyramid, complete with a sphinx and ancient-Egyptian style buildings that help to reconstruct the atmosphere. It is among the largest hotels in the United States, with over 4000 rooms all housed inside the pyramid.

Inside the gigantic atrium you will find statues, buildings and commemorative monuments, shops and restaurants of various kinds. When the sun goes down, a huge vertical beam of light, visible from every corner of the Las Vegas Strip, radiates skyward from the tip of this futuristic structure.

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Excalibur Castle

A fantasy castle inspired by King Arthur and the knights of the round table, surmounted by multicolored spiers in a gothic-fantasy style with a Disney flavor. The accommodations are located on the 28 floors of the 2 external structures, which contain almost 4000 rooms.

The hotel has many attractions, including several designed for children and families. It is connected by tram to nearby hotels (Mandalay Bay and Luxor). Usually the prices for the stay are affordable.

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New York New York: Manhattan a Las Vegas

Did you know that Manhattan's skyscrapers also rise in the Nevada desert? Yes, that's right, and from afar the New York New York hotel stands out with its skyline on the Strip, scaling the Brooklyn Bridge (300 feet long) and the Statue of Liberty (150 feet high).

Among the twelve skyscrapers rebuilt on the facade of the hotel (the unmistakable Empire State Building) whizzes by a roller coaster (skyscraper roller coaster) on which, if you have the guts, you can take a nice ride. The hotel exerts its appeal particularly on a young crowd and also features various luxury services.

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MGM: the hotel dedicated to Hollywood

This is the hotel that takes its inspiration from the lion of the Metro Goldwyn Meyer (you know? The one that roars just before the movies start) and that boasts the largest number of rooms (over 5000). It was inaugurated in 1993 and has proclaimed itself as "The city of fun".

The hotel actually resembles a bustling city where thousands of guests and visitors cross their paths without ever stopping. Clad in emerald green glass and guarded by a large lion statue (the largest bronze statue in the United States), the hotel is home to an impressive number of attractions, including a water park and real lions inside.

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Paris: the romantic atmosphere of Paris

To inspire this structure is the romanticism of Paris with the tall Eiffel Tower standing out in front of the entrance and the romantic city districts inside. The property has 2.916 rooms and is connected to a partner hotel, the Bally, via a short internal walkway. Among the attractions stand out the spa, and a sort of shopping center rebuilt in the style of the Parisian streets of the 20s with shop windows and restaurants.

Even if you don't stay overnight, you may want to dine in one of the most characteristic restaurants in the city, the one located on the top of the Eiffel Tower. It's not only famous for its location, but it's also one of the Strip's most popular restaurants.

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Caesars Palace: the glories of ancient Rome

In this case it is the opulence of ancient Rome to relive in the imposing hotel opened in 1966. The hotel is divided into five buildings, each with its own name: Augustus, Centurion, Forum, Palace and Roman. A few steps away you can see one reconstruction of the Colosseum (which actually has little to do with the original). It is a theater built in the early XNUMXs for a series of performances by Céline Dion. Over the years it has been the venue for concerts by other great singers such as Cher and Elton John.

Wandering around the hotel you will meet easily historical characters in costume and you will lose yourself among the many services: a large wellness center offering treatments of all kinds, a beautiful lounge bar on the terrace overlooking the complex, a full-service business center that rents cell phones and provides internet access, elegant gardens and swimming pools and a replica of Michelangelo's David (perhaps they got confused about history for a moment…).

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Mirage: when Polynesia becomes a hotel

This is a hotel built around the main theme of Polynesia, its tropical landscape, and its art and culture, with a park dotted with palm trees among which a swimming pool reminiscent of a tropical coast and a volcano over 16 meters high, from which a constant cascade of water gushes out.

Every evening, every quarter of an hour, you can watch the simulation of the volcano eruption complete with lava and flames (among the free attractions in Las Vegas, it was the first to be built). You can also admire the white tigers kept in the hotel.

Near the reception there is a huge aquarium with over 1.000 marine creatures from all over the planet (including sharks!).

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Mandalay Bay: the luxury of Southeast Asia

Mandalay Hill, it is not only a city in Burma, but also one of the most amazing hotels in Las Vegas. The key theme of the large hotel complex is that of Southeast Asia and the furnishings of the rooms are luxurious and oriental.

Mandalay Bay is also one of the Strip hotels that offers multiple forms of entertainment. In addition to casinos and restaurants, there is a theater dedicated to blues music, a space for concerts and a nightclub. But what makes it unique is it Shark Reef Aquarium, an aquarium that counts among its attractions a corridor for walking surrounded by sharks.

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More Las Vegas themed hotels

among the Las Vegas's finest themed hotels the Bellagio, an important and luxurious accommodation facility inspired by the famous town on Lake Como, the Venetian, dedicated to Venice, where you will find rebuilt San Marco, the Bridge of Sighs and a canal complete with singing gondoliers, and the  Waldorf Astoria if you are looking for luxury in absolute relaxation.

We have already talked about these hotels and you can find all the information in the article dedicated to luxury hotels in Las Vegas. Also do not forget that most of the hotels have numerous restaurants inside, in addition to the characteristic buffets, which can be a valid solution for eating in Las Vegas.

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