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Do you know what the perfect way is to conclude a day dedicated to the exploration of Florence between art museums and breathtaking architecture? Easy, a nice aperitif based on bubbles and gastronomic whims, even better if enjoyed from a beautiful panoramic terrace. If you want to knowthe best places in Florence where to have an aperitif, this is the article for you!

Se-Sto - Westin Excelsior

Se-sto is class and elegance, a terrace overlooking Florence. This venue has a magical location located on the top floor of the Westin Excelsior. The panorama is one of those that leave you breathless, with the Arno, the Ponte Vecchio and Giotto's bell tower that offer a daydream.

Well-made cocktails e free buffet of great quality, based on seafood and rice salad, skewers of cured meats and sausage, canapés, vegetables, sliced ​​fruit and more. A complete offer for a top aperitif, certainly among the best in Florence.

  • Address: Piazza Ognissanti, 3 (Get directions)
  • Average price: the aperitif buffet includes a drink and costs € 28,00 per person, the gourmet aperitif includes a drink and some gourmet dishes that change weekly and costs € 32,00 per person
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 2715 2783 - email: - FB Page - IG Profile

Le Murate Literary Cafe

Housed in a restored former prison, Le Murate is a place where you can breathe culture, a place where creative dishes and music meet to give life to something unique.

It is a dynamic and fresh location... it is no coincidence that it is proposed to a clientele with a young soul, made up of students but also of whimsical, hungry minds in search of stimuli. The restaurant organizes events and musical concerts with constancy but also with the signature of national and international artists.

As for the aperitif, the offer is excellent in relation to the price, with very good cocktails and tantalizing gastronomic proposals.

  • Address: Piazza delle Murate (Get directions)
  • Average price: Buffet aperitif with a drink included from € 8,00 (€ 7,00 for students)
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 234 6872 - email: - FB Page - IG Profile

Italian Tapas

Italian Tapas is a concept bar, a space dedicated to innovation and modernity in the Santo Spirito district, the most distinctive in Florence. Located inside a th century building, it offers a chic setting that draws inspiration and energy from the past, combining elements of green & wood elements.

The idea behind the venue is that of recreate the magic and colors of Tapas, the typical "gastronomy in miniature" of Spanish tradition, but re-proposing it in Italian sauce, therefore maximizing the quality of the flavors of the Bel Paese.

The aperitif is of extreme quality, with selections of cold cuts and cheeses from Italian artisans, to be paired with excellent Tuscan and non-Tuscan wines.

  • Address: Via Sant'Agostino 11 / r (Get directions)
  • Average price: the à la carte menu offers snacks from € 2,50 / 3,00. It is possible to order a large selection of the best products on the menu, at a cost of € 20,00. Drinks on average cost € 8,00.
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 098 2738 - email: - ​​FB Page - IG Profile


One more terrace, one more panorama to make the heart vibrate.
This time we move to the B-Roof, which offers creative cuisine in a classy restaurant, also located on the top floor of a prestigious hotel.

The restaurant offers summer aperitifs inside the outdoor roof garden, or in the aforementioned panoramic terraces, which offer a majestic glimpse of the roofs of Florence. Ideal for romantic evenings and special occasions.

  • Address: Piazza dell'Unità Italiana, 6 (Get directions)
  • Average price: the aperitif on the roof garden costs € 16,00 per person for a slate plate with the chef's proposals and a drink of your choice. The aperitif on the terraces has a cost of € 21 per person.
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 2358 8560 - email: - ​​FB Page - IG Profile

Flo '

Known primarily as exclusive disco lounge where you can enjoy evenings of music and entertainment, the Flo 'also offers excellent buffet aperitifs enlivened by DJ sets and overlooking the spectacular skyline of Florence.

The aperitif takes place only from Wednesday to Sunday e offers public buffet or private buffet. From 23 pm onwards all the tables are freed to kick off the nightlife ...

  • Address: Viale Michelangelo, 82 (Get directions)
  • Average price: Aperitif with buffet, a cocktail each and a side table for € 15,00 (Wednesday) and € 18,00 (Thursday to Sunday). Aperitif with private buffet and reserved table for € 25,00 (Wednesday) and € 30,00 (Thursday to Sunday).
  • Contact us: Tel. 334 108 0164 - email: - FB Page - IG Profile

The Gold of Cilento

In the NoFlights-San Donato-Viale Redi area, L'Oro del Cilento has a proposal diametrically opposite to that of the places recommended so far.

The location is simpler, the climate less rigid, and good food is at the center of everything. Exquisite cocktails, special selection wines but above all tastings of products from Cilento: from cheeses to cured meats. Every day new proposals are guaranteed, for an always different buffet aperitif.

  • Address: Viale Francesco Redi, 159 (Get directions)
  • Average price: fixed price of € 8,00 for a buffet aperitif with a drink included.
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 936 1215 - email: - FB Page - IG Profile

Caldana pastry shop

Pasticceria Caldana pays more attention to substance than to form. If for you the aperitif is simply a worldly moment, an opportunity to show off the latest outfit, then it is better that you turn elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you are gourmets, you love gastronomy, quality products, good cuisine for real ... then Pasticceria Caldana is the best you could wish for.

Here, the aperitif time is a daily ritual very popular for quality and for l 'abundance of the proposals: appetizers and first courses of the Tuscan culinary tradition, second courses with seasonal meat and vegetables, various fries, cocktails and long drinks made by expert barmen.

  • Address: Piazza Pietro Leopoldo, 4 (Get directions)
  • Average price: about € 7,00 / 10,00 for a buffet aperitif with a drink included
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 474045 - email: - FB page

Fuk Cocktail Bar

A comfortable lounge, the company of good friends, the right music, and of course your favorite drink. Is this the recipe for a perfect evening or not?
Located near Piazza Santa Croce, right next to the Verdi Theater, Fuk Cocktail Bar is the best place for a quiet evening, for a tasty aperitif.

In its simplicity, Fuk offers something unique. It proposes and promotes the culture of drinking, offering unparalleled quality in products and service, suggestingrevisited cocktails, but also creating tailor-made specialties shaped on customers' tastes, applying almost a scientific method so that the final result is really good.

  • Address: Via Giuseppe Verdi, 19 (Get directions)
  • Average price: approximately € 15,00 per person
  • Contact us: Tel. 327 993 4047 - email: - IG Profile

The Arts inn

The Arts inn leaves you speechless like an impressionist painting, and it does so in the city of timeless architectural jewels, which is a considerable added value. It is a small gem with an intimate charm. Halfway between a local and a small art exhibition, offers special paintings that can be purchased to decorate the walls, but above all real signature drinks.

It is not at all a place for those in a hurry, here the rhythm flows slowly, and each cocktail is a small work of art that needs the right love to be completed. The prices are reasonable and the music is right for the atmosphere.

  • Address: Via del Porcelain, 63 red (Get directions)
  • Average price: approximately € 15,00 per person
  • Contact us: Tel. 392 451 0592 - email: - FB page

Vigna Nuova wine shop

Enoteca Vigna Nuova is an excellent choice in case you want to treat yourself to ataste experience to discover the products of Tuscan excellence.

The place is perfect not only for an aperitif, but also for snacks, lunches and dinners, and always offers gastronomic solutions that are the result of meticulous selections.

  • Address: Via dei Federighi, 3 / R (Get directions)
  • Average price: approximately € 15,00 per person
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 280778 - email: - ​​FB page

Hole 10

Hole 10 is a excellent wine bar in the heart of Florence capable of skilfully mixing modern design, a minimal industrial atmosphere and the classic convivial atmosphere of banquets of yesteryear.

It is a place that enhances the essentiality, in the environments as in the flavors, starting from genuine raw materials and Italian agri-food specialties. The restaurant offers a large selection of wines, sophisticated cocktails, exclusive drinks and of course abundant aperitifs based on different types of cutting boards.

  • Address: Via Fiesolana, 8 (Get directions)
  • Average price: about € 12,00 for cutting board + drink
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 016 5328 - email: - ​​FB Page - IG Profile


Kitsch Bar it is a real institution, the place where according to some the concept of "apericena" was born. Characterized by an eccentric setting embellished with glass chandeliers and stone sculptures, this historic venue probably offers the most popular aperitif in the city. The buffet tables are the "theater" of a real dance of courses, with the constant coming and going of the staff intent on serving platters of all kinds, rich in cheeses and cold cuts, but also croutons and bruschetta of various kinds, polentine, Tuscan paté, mixed salads, fresh first courses and much more.

There is also a second place managed by the same owners called Kitsch Devx (Kitsch 2), equally popular and popular, located in Via S.Gallo.

  • Address: Viale Antonio Gramsci, 1/5 R (Get directions)
  • Average price: approximately € 15,00 per person
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 234 3890 - FB page


Located in Via Dè Benci in the Santa Croce area of ​​Florence, the Moyo is an extremely local appreciated for aperitifs and light dinners. It offers an extremely refined and elegant environment, it is not by chance that it is often chosen as a place for private and business events. Two halls and a charming terrace are available to customers, which make it glamorous location for an evening of Florentine nightlife.

The restaurant offers aperitifs based on first class specialties, drinks, cocktails and wines of excellent quality.

  • Address: Via dei Benci, 23 (Get directions)
  • Average price: approximately from € 7,00 to € 22,00 per person.
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 247 9738 - email: - ​​FB Page - IG Profile

The Santino

Located in one of the trendy districts of the city, the Santino is a place with a rustic-chic flavor, born from a rib of the renowned Santo Bevitore restaurant.

Halfway between a wine shop, a bakery and a gastronomy, Il Santino offers an extensive wine list and above all a great variety of cold cuts, cheeses and various snacks, to be enjoyed in a calm and attentive way, as required by the slow food culture.

  • Address: Via Santo Spirito, 60 (Get directions)
  • Average price: approximately between € 10,00 and € 25,00
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 230 2820 - email: - FB page

Winter Garden Bar

Awarded several times with the prestigious Gambero Rosso Bar of Italy award, the Winter Garden Bar offers superior services. Perfect place for an exclusive aperitif between champagne glasses, live piano music, and unique tastings based on ingredients of the highest quality.

The restaurant is particularly known for the Champagne Ritual, a scenographic ritual belonging to the history of the St. Regis brand. Every evening, from 19pm to 20pm in the Winter Garden Bar, Champagne is served to guests with theatrical sabrage and accompanied with refined creations by Executive Chef Gentian Shehi.

  • Address: Piazza Ognissanti, 1 (Get directions)
  • Average price: the Champagne Ritual has a cost of € 18 per person.
  • Contact us: Tel. 055 271 63770 - email: - FB page

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