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    The best places for an aperitif in Bologna

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    Just like the radio, the telephone and the pizza, theaperitif is an all-Italian tradition appreciated and exported to Europe and the rest of the world. Each city offers its own specialties, both in terms of cocktails and the classic accompanying appetizers, in fantastic venues capable of becoming real institutions.

    Naturally Bologna also has its top places for an aperitif: from the hills to the city center. Are you ready for a taste immersion among bubbles, mortadella and crescenta? Here you go i best places in Bologna for an aperitif slap-up.

    Giro di Vite wine shop

    The Giro di Vite wine shop offers a comfortable and well-kept environment characterized by an informal atmosphere, far from the chaos of the urban center. It offers tasty aperitifs based on cold cuts and cheeses from different Italian regions, typical Dop products and Slow Food Presidia.
    The restaurant offers a relaxing summer outdoor area, illuminated by romantic soft lights, perfect for dinners for couples.

    • Address: Via delle Fonti (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 3546171 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page - Instagram profile

    Osteria del Sole

    The Osteria del Sole made the history of Bologna, not by chance has been open since 1465. It is a real institution, a few meters from Piazza Maggiore, in the historic center, the perfect place for an excellent aperitif with friends.

    This iconic venue has a distinctive feature. No food is served here (the staff only offers a cutting board and a huge selection of drinks). In fact it is good use bring food from home.

    • Address: Vicolo Ranocchi, 1 (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 347 9680171
    • Social profiles: Facebook page

    Senza Nome

    A little bar, a little wine bar, a little restaurant and a little ... attraction!

    This place has become famous for a completely unique feature: is run by "deaf" kids. In fact order in sign language! That's why it is a place to go absolutely if you are visiting Bologna.

    Here you can treat yourself to excellent aperitifs based on local specialties and enjoy events and concerts by live music.

    • Address: Via Belvedere, 11 / B (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 392 5162896 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page


    If you want to enjoy a proper spritz in Bologna, Marsalino is the right place for you! You can have an aperitif with platters of croutons, pizzas, rolls of salami and cheeses, paying only the price of the drink! Appreciated by Bolognese and not for the service, the quality and the very cheap price!

    • Address: Via Marsala, 13 (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 238675
    • Social profiles: Facebook page

    South room

    Camera a Sud offers simple and tasty proposals to nibble at aperitif time with friends. Tapas and croutons await you with unusual combinations, selections of cold cuts, cheeses and more, all based on fresh and seasonal products, often purchased directly from the Herb Market.

    Obviously all accompanied by over 280 labels of wines and cocktails of the highest quality.

    • Address: Via Valdonica, 5 (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 0951448
    • Social profiles: Facebook page

    The Other Space

    The same creators define The Other Space the first "inclusive" bar in Italy. Inclusion is intended both as social integration of migrant communities, with evenings and cultural events organized in collaboration with the Arte Migrante Bologna association; be like accessibility by people with disabilities, who can not only participate in the cultural events proposed, but even work inside the venue (thanks to the total removal of architectural barriers).

    The Other space offers a refined cuisine based on fresh and high quality products, e offers fabulous aperitifs and dinners; as well as live music evenings and poetry conferences.

    • Address: Via Nazario Sauro, 24 / F (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 347 3276768 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page - Instagram profile

    Zamboni coffee

    Located just 50 meters from the two towers of Bologna, Caffè Zamboni is the favorite aperitif place for those who appreciate abundance!

    The main feature of the restaurant is precisely the great variety of snacks, with a constant change of dishes: from pasta to cheeses, from vegetables to meat, and even salads, fries, and much more.

    • Address: Via Zamboni, 6 (Get directions)
    • Contact us: 051 273102 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page

    Master Beer

    Bar, Pizzeria, Restaurant: Master Beer is a place with many faces.
    From afternoon teas to dinners with friends, it is the right location to spend time with friends while enjoying excellent traditional specialties. Obviously, the rich aperitifs deserve a special mention.

    Furthermore, Master Beer is part of the AIC guide, this means that it is dedicated great attention to customers with celiac disease. For them there is a dedicated cocktail menu and 25 bottled beers (plus one on tap) all gluten-free.

    • Address: Via Andrea Costa, 158 (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 6140523 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page

    Bank 32

    Banco 32 is a small fish restaurant located inside the Mercato delle Erbe in Bologna. It offers quick lunches and tapas-based aperitifs, with different menus every day. It is an informal place, where you can taste genuine specialties perhaps exchanging a few words with the neighboring diners.

    Banco 32 proposes "The kitchen of the market", not surprisingly it is from the historic herb market that the raw materials arrive used for the various preparations: fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and cheeses.

    • Address: Via S. Gervasio, 3 / A (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 269522 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page

    Spoon of Gold

    Il Cucchiaio d'Oro promotes the principles of good "traditional cuisine", the genuine one made with local products; and it does so thanks to two different rooms: a tavern / restaurant (in Via Petroni) and a brewery / winery (in Via Pratello).

    The locals deliver simple dishes of the best Emilian tradition, but also bread, pasta and desserts made strictly by hand. It is the perfect place for a rich aperitif, thanks to the large buffet and the various wine proposals.

    • Address: Via Giuseppe Petroni (Get directions) and Via Pratello (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 0952570 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page

    La prosciutteria

    Emilia-Romagna is the land of good living and cured meats. And that's why we put a ham shop on our special list!

    Here then The Bolognese Prosciutteria, born as a "rib" of the historic, homonymous, local in via de 'Neri in Florence. The restaurant combines the specialties of the Prosciutteria of Florence with best proposals of the Emilia-Romagna delicatessen in order to give a complete and satisfying taste experience from every point of view.

    So what to expect from an aperitif at La Prosciutteria in Bologna?
    Easy... An explosion of typically Italian taste!

    • Address: Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 19 / a (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 0453717 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page - Instagram profile

    Room with Bistro View

    What happens when an antique dealer and an interior designer with great aspirations meet? Something absolutely unique comes to life!

    Room with Bistrot View is the ultimate in refinement, a rare gem born from the restoration of a ancient historical building of the '700. The rooms, made with recycled materials, are embellished with Carrara marble, ancient woods, classical Greek and Roman busts. Inside, an avant-garde cuisine is proposed that mixes Italian and international dishes, but above all classic cocktails inspired by prohibition are proposed, contemporary and tropical cocktails. Camera con Vista Bistrot is the right place for a charming aperitif.

    • Address: Via Santo Stefano, 14 / 2a (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 224268 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page - Progilo instagram

    Osteria Il Cantinone

    Let's go back to Via del Pratello, one of the liveliest in the historic center of Bologna, to discover another tavern with an ancient flavor.

    Despite the evolutionary process that has characterized the long history of the place, Cantinone has managed to maintain over the years the peculiar characteristics of the typical traditional taverns, that is the convivial atmosphere and the authentic cuisine.

    Cantinone offers a wide selection of national wines to accompany high quality cold cuts and snacks.

    • Address: Via del Pratello, 56 / a (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 553223 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page - Instagram profile

    Bizarre - Cocktail Boutique

    The time has come to introduce you to a place with a strong personality, capable of combining high-value products with a location of exclusive elegance.
    We refer to the Bizarre Cocktail Butique, a place with a vintage charm which combines pastel colors, retro furnishing elements and hand-painted furniture, in a refined but at the same time welcoming atmosphere.

    In this singular space the art of Bartending and the tradition of the Italian aperitif meet giving a timeless experience, thanks to the refined "signature drinks" proposed by the specialist Enrico Scarzella.

    The restaurant offers only 12 seats, for a unique experience of flavors and out of the conventional canons.

    • Address: Via Belvedere, 4 / a (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 347 0977547 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page - Instagram profile

    Shop Belfiore

    Spaccio Belfiore maximizes the concept of "km 0" by elevating it to "km TRUE". The proposed cuisine is in fact made with products grown in the Belfiore Fund, and is in fact "told" by placing the accent on the origin of the raw materials and on the production and preparation techniques. It is the philosophy of the Agritourisms that is re-proposed in a city context.

    The homonymous inn is famous for the goodness of the meals and aperitifs served, not surprisingly one of the most popular aperitif places in the Bolognese Hills.

    • Address: Via dei Colli, 39 (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 589400 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page - Instagram profile

    Agnes of the Watermelons

    Now let's talk about another historic place in Bologna, to which the maestro Lucio Dalla has even dedicated a piece (Agnese delle Cocomere from the Luna Matana Album).

    Often frequented by singers, athletes and celebrities in general, it is famous as a fruit shop, smoothie, yoghurt, piadineria and creperiea and, in recent years, as a drink shop.

    Agnese delle Cocomere is located in a wonderful location, inside a luxuriant garden embellished with a lovely fountain, the restaurant clearly gives its best during the summer, when you can enjoy an unforgettable outdoor aperitif.

    • Address: Piazza Trento e Trieste, 10 (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 338 2091560 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page - Instagram profile


    Eataly is a real brand born in Turin in 2007, when a store capable of offering was inaugurated gastronomic products made in Italy at affordable prices. The idea proved to be successful and led to the birth of an ecommerce and a series of local / sales points scattered throughout Italy. One of these is located in Bologna and represents one of the best solutions for an aperitif in the city.

    Eataly Bologna offers aperitifs every weekend, with exquisite treats, finger food and cold cuts and cheeses of extreme quality.

    • Address: Via degli Orefici, 19 (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 0952820 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page

    Gastronomic Tailoring

    Gastronomic Tailoring promotes the pleasures of the Italian table and the culture of good food through handcrafted dishes, similar to the productions of the best tailoring ateliers.

    The restaurant celebrates the tradition of the Italian table by offering taste experiences that can enhance the simplicity of the raw materials.
    Here you can enjoy relaxing evenings, treating yourself to a high-level dinner or an aperitif based on rich platters accompanied by a selection of gourmet drinks.

    • Address: Piazza Aldrovandi, 21 (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 6569781 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page

    Empire English Pub

    Distinguished by the classic architecture of English bars, the Empire is located a stone's throw from the university area and is a placeyoung and informal atmosphere. It offers a good selection of draft beers, with over 10 different types, but also cocktails based on fresh seasonal fruit and many wine labels. Every day at 19 pm the aperitif dances begin accompanied by a particularly abundant buffet.

    • Address: Via Zamboni 24 (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051 224275
    • Social profiles: Facebook page - Instagram profile

    Bravo Coffee

    The Bravo café is a pleasant place able to perfectly mix food and wine and music. It's a a must for all lovers of live music which are located in Bologna, as well as the perfect place to taste excellent wines and enjoy a relaxing aperitif. The restaurant offers a full calendar of events, with themed musical evenings that rotate weekly and that touch various genres, from jazz to pop, passing through funk, soul, and rock.

    • Address: Via Mascarella 1 (Get directions)
    • Contact us: Tel. 051.266112 -
    • Social profiles: Facebook page
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