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Online travel agencies or "traditional" travel agencies? What do you prefer?
The market trend is in line with the general changes due to the expansion of the Internet: many people, especially aged 18-35, are increasingly turning to online agencies to book their holidays as they often manage to find best offers, keep an eye on the last minute etc.
And inevitably, as in any case of online purchases, the classic question arises: "But do you trust?". Let's try to shed some light.


  1. Are Online Agencies Reliable?
  2. List of top tour operators and agencies
  3. User questions and comments

Are Online Agencies Reliable?

First we do not think that online agencies compared to traditional ones are free of expenses. Sure, they don't have the burden of rents and real estate, but online travel agencies still have to cope with technical expenses for their business, which include: the cost of developing and maintaining the online portal, the cost of the professionals who contribute to its creation and updating, the cost of the staff responsible for managing reservations and maintaining contact with tour operators.

This is to say that a well-made online travel agency is serious when a traditional agency can be, and indeed, much of the reputation is played on the feedback given by users, so he cannot allow himself mistakes if he does not want to see his business sink.
The answer to the question "are online agencies reliable?" is it depends, as it also depends on the traditional ones: it is up to the user to inquire, read reviews, ask for opinions and then make the choice.

Unfortunately, even in retail, the guarantee of reliability is not there: we often hear of agencies that raise prices, that promise certain types of hotels but then change their papers ... For sure with the Internet everything is faster and, especially if you already know what you want, you can go without fail.
A tip: once you have used the service, it's it is a good idea to give your opinion so as to leave more elements to other users to evaluate in turn.

List of top tour operators and agencies

Here is the list of the best online travel agencies and the best tour operators according to i opinions of Internet users.

1 - is the online tour operator specialized in holidays in seaside resorts in Italy. With a constantly updated destination catalog, the portal offers every day Exclusive and Last Minute Offers in the most renowned locations of the Bel Paese. Booking a holiday online is very simple, absolutely worth trying.

2 - Edreams is certainly one of the most used online holiday portals on the internet: with last minute offers well in the foreground and with one particular attention to contents and images, Edreams offers numerous travel tips adding a strong consulting component to the primary sales activity. The top.

3 - Fly for free

Through you can book flights, hotels, flight + hotel combinations, cars, cruises, activities... in short, a real one complete portal which is very welcome by users.

4 - Logitravel

Another growing online travel agency site is, which, like Vola Gratis, offers a complete service, including the ferry booking. Particularly specialized in vacation packages and cruises, it covers a bit all areas and types of holidays, falling within the preference of many users.

5 - Lets

For those aiming at low cost, the site represents a great opportunity: with many last minute both in Italy and abroad, Lets also suggests tours and itineraries to maximize your holiday and make it unforgettable.

6 - Opodo

Opodo cannot be missing from our list, an online travel agency with many years of experience on its shoulders and which unlike its competitors has a specific section for the mountain. For those who cannot stand still, the possibility of book multiple destinations.

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