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A farm holiday can really help anyone find their peace of mind after months and months of work, worries, deadlines and commitments ...
Imagine you are in the heart of the countryside, with the gentle breeze on your face, the sounds and scents of nature; in total peace and tranquility.
Surrounded by greenery, you can take a deep breath, relax and appreciate the smaller things in life; while the days lengthen and acquire value. In short, a dream for those who want to escape from everyday stress.

Today we present the most beautiful and interesting places in Lazio, in which to indulge in a natural break, away from everything and everyone. Stunning places to indulge in a Sunday lunch based on incredible culinary specialties created with local products, places where stay for a weekend, or even fairytale places where celebrate communions, ceremonies and special events.
From the most beautiful and elegant structures with swimming pool, to the cheapest places to eat well: Here you are i best farmhouses in Lazio!


  1. The Mole sul Farfa
  2. Monte Due Torri
  3. Poggio dei Cavalieri
  4. The path
  5. Borghetto d'Arci
  6. The Spikes
  7. The Rocca dei Briganti
  8. Agribel
  9. Ars Naturae
  10. Le Querce
  11. Borgodoro
  12. The Encounter
  13. Casale Poggio Nebbia
  14. Lawrence House
  15. Le Colline Bio Resort
  16. Poggio della Stella
  17. Mandela Pian di Papa
  18. Cincinnato farmhouse
  19. User questions and comments

The Mole sul Farfa

  • Address: Strada delle Mole, Mompeo RI
  • Phone: 328 460 3412
  • Email: -

Beautiful, extraordinary, exciting; adjectives are wasted to define this special corner.
Nature as far as the eye can see, having a spectacular view over the Farfa river valley. A place for kind souls, run with immense passion by the owners.

Monte Due Torri

  • Address: Via Montegiove Nuovo, 77, 00045 Genzano di Roma RM
  • Phone: 06 936 3276
  • Email:

A place with large spaces, pleasant and very characteristic. A'intimate and familiar atmosphere excellent restaurant with excellent value for money e nice rooms in a rural style. Mention of merit for staff guys: precise ed extremely friendly.

Poggio dei Cavalieri

  • Address: Via del Casale di S. Nicola, 425, 00123 Rome
  • Phone: 06 3089 3570
  • Email:

Defining the cuisine of the excellent Poggio dei Cavalieri it is absolutely an understatement. Specialty with explosive flavors made with products of excellence. Each taste is a joy for the palate. The setting is also enchanting and romantic, recommended for celebrate events and ceremonies such as baptisms, communions and weddings.

The path

  • Address: Strada Vicinale di Montepetrocco, 01021 Acquapendente VT VT
  • Phone: 328 589 6854
  • Email:

The Path is a charming haven of quiet. Between woods and coolness, where the silence is interrupted exclusively by the sounds of nature. Far away from the chaos of the city, it offers delicious cuisine and cozy rooms, what you need to spend a slow week-ed discovering small pleasures.

Borghetto d'Arci

  • Address: Via Dell'Arci Km4.00, 02032 Passo Corese RI
  • Phone: 0765 387963
  • Email:

Located on the hill of Passo Corese, Borghetto d'Arci offers a wonderful terrace in which to indulge sublime lunches based on local products, all while admiring a literally fascinating panorama. A fantastic and welcoming location for moments of maximum tranquility.

The Spikes

  • Address: SS cassia km 140, 01020 Proceno Province of Viterbo
  • Phone: 0763 734091
  • Email:

Le Spighe is a country paradise which amplifies the senses and gives strong sensations, a mix of pure beauty and magic. A comfortable farmhouse that evokes memories of the past between nature and peace. Enchanted place where time never seems to pass ...

The Rocca dei Briganti

  • Address: Via Fontana Nuova, 00031 Artena RM
  • Phone: 329 654 2122
  • Emaill:

La Fortress of the brigands it is a "real farm", with animals, excellent food, well-kept rooms and an old-time farmhouse atmosphere. Treated from every point of view, impeccable service and great availability on the part of the owners. To complete the picture there is the fantastic surrounding landscape to admire and love.


  • Address: Via Fontana Parata, 4, 00040 Lanuvio RM
  • Phone: 06 9370 9561
  • Email:

Agribel is a farmhouse with style. Elegant, refined and with attention to detail, it offers fantastic stays surrounded by the green of the maritime pines. It is an organic village in which to immerse yourself in the search for simplicity and beauty in its purest sense.
It is a complex made up of two elegant farmhouses: the Casale degli Ulivi, which offers Bed & Breakfast treatment, and the AgriOstello, which offers accommodation only.

Ars Naturae

  • Address: 58, Via Pietro Egidi, 00123 Rome RM
  • Phone: 340 123 7766
  • Email:

Ars Naturae is a fabulous discovery a stone's throw from Rome. E ' an enchanted world where time does not flow, a place where the soul regenerates. At this magical farmhouse you will be welcomed, pampered and cared for as in family, benefiting from an unforgettable location.

Le Querce

  • Address: Via Pontone Lucia, 31, 01020 Bomarzo VT
  • Phone: 0761 924299
  • Email:

Un panorama that is pure poetry, a warm welcome, a reassuring tranquility. Le Querce it is a special place to breathe in the pure country air. There fantastic cuisine and amazing location, right in front of the Borgo di Bomarzo, are certainly the main strengths of the business.


  • Address: bell word Magliano Sabina, 02046 Magliano Sabina RI
  • Phone: 393 909 8718
  • Email:

Borgodoro is a dream farmhouse, an environment rural and regal at the same time, with manicured gardens so beautiful that they look like those of an ancient noble villa. For everyone it is a discovery.
As soon as you cross the large wooden gate, a wonderful structure emerges immersed in a dreamlike and unreal location. Certainly it is a unique place of its kind.

The Encounter

  • Address: strada Quercette 19b pescia romana, 01014 Montalto di Castro VT
  • Phone: 393 374 9156
  • Email:

L'Incontro is a magical and wonderful place that gives you a fairytale. Excellent and romantic, capable of giving pure emotions at dusk, when the crimson colors fade and the sky turns pink. Good food, great place ... What else?

Casale Poggio Nebbia

  • Address: Loc. Farnesiana, 01016 Tarquinia VT
  • Phone: 0766 841268
  • Email:

Casale Poggio Nebbia is a farm surrounded by a evocative panorama between manicured lawns and rows of vines. It offers impeccable service and excellent cuisine that exalts the genuine flavors of the fruits of the earth. The relaxed, relaxing and friendly atmosphere will make you feel at home ...

Lawrence House

  • Address: Contrada serre, 03040 Picinisco FR
  • Phone: 349 072 3087
  • Email:

Welcome to an oasis of peace and good food: Lawrence House is a country house with a unique charm located in a bucolic landscape steeped in history. The farm, in addition to offering fantastic lunches and relaxing stays in the beautiful farmhouse, offers a multisensory experience thanks to visit of the historic caciosteria.

Le Colline Bio Resort

  • Address: Via Colle Pastino, 20, 00036 Colle Dell'oro RM
  • Phone: 333 126 0954
  • Email:

L'Le Collin farmhousee is the first Bio Resort del Lazio, a place where you can relax in contact with nature, in an elegant and well-kept place like a resort. The welcome is unique, professional and familiar at the same time, and for the entire duration of the stay you will feel pampered and spoiled like family.

Poggio della Stella

  • Address: Provincial Road Tolfa - S. Severa km 17,700, 00059 Tolfa RM
  • Phone: 340 643 5519
  • Email:

Great location, spectacular view, outstanding food! These are the three characteristics of the structure Poggio della Stella, a perfect place to spend a sunny spring Sunday in contact with the fresh country air. Mostly renowned as a restaurant, this farm offers local specialties at the right price!

Mandela Pian di Papa

  • Address: Via Fonte Bove, 00020 Mandela RM
  • Phone: 324 900 8055
  • Email:

Pian di Papa is the solution for those who want to treat themselves to a real Lunch (with a capital P) from the Lazio tradition in the midst of nature. You will taste the ancient flavors of the past, those handed down from grandmothers to grandchildren, with dishes based on genuine products. Good food, courtesy, cordiality, all in an oasis of peace surrounded by greenery.

Cincinnato farmhouse

  • Address: Via stoza 3 - Cori (LT)
  • Phone: 333/5895118 - 120
  • Email:

L'Cincinnato winery has recently refurbished a nineteenth-century farmhouse, located close to one of its best Nero Buono vineyards. The structure now houses a elegant farmhouse which enjoys a suggestive position, from which you can admire the village of Cori, collected on the Lepini Mountains, the Lazio volcano, beyond which there are the Roman castles, and finally the Pontine plain that reaches the sea, the Pontine islands and the Circeo promontory. The farmhouse has 15 rooms, each dedicated to one of the wines produced in the cellar, and two apartments. What makes the environment unique and deeply rooted in wine is the furniture, made with great skill by reusing old barrels.

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