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Going around the world, at least once in a lifetime, is anyone's dream.

Being able to say that he has fully immersed himself in the mix of cultures of different states and different territories, passing from an African zighinì to open the meal, to a typical Australian Anzac biscuit accompanied by a Starbuck's coffee within a few hours. And let yourself be overwhelmed by jet lag, until you forget where your home is. And don't care, because you are having one of the most beautiful experiences of your existence.

All this is possible thanks to cruise ships which, with some tours created ad hoc, allow you to stop within a month or even more in the most important cities and in the most beautiful places in the world.

The history of world cruises began more than 90 years ago, when the Cunard Line inaugurated the first ship departing from England which - in 130 days - would have visited 22 ports. Now such a ride is normal, and it's done in a really much shorter time frame. However, in the postwar period, a total circumnavigation of the globe was truly an epic experience.

Currently, these cruises see the month of January among the best times, and it is never too late, especially to find and treat yourself to a offerta last minute.

Moreover, by choosing a premium line, it is possible to combine curiosity with total relaxation, food and taking a dip in the pool. But what are the most frequent itineraries on a tour around the world on a cruise?

Surely the Suez passage it is one of the most strategic points through which to pass if you want to leave Italy: this, in fact, allows you to set sail towards the coasts of East Africa and West Arabia, crossing two fascinating cultures such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia . From there, reach India crossing the Red Sea first and then the Indian Ocean is relatively simple: Dubai and Mumbai are just a few days away by navigation.

Once the peninsula with the capital New Delhi has been circumnavigated, the doors of the Far East are opened, with Thailand and Vietnam acting as a bridge between Asia and Oceania. Australia it is certainly one of the most interesting and noteworthy destinations within this expedition. Once he leaves New Zealand, he sets sail for the South America, with the longer stretch of navigation continues.

The first stop on the new continent is Santiago, the capital of Chile. From there, it is relatively easy to circumnavigate the continent through the Terre dei Fuochi, and once visited Argentina, it's time to go to the discovery of Brazil.
Finally, to return to Europe, from Recife you have to sail uninterruptedly to Tenerife, the most famous island of the Gran Canaries. From there, cross it Strait of Gibraltar and arriving in the beautiful country will be the worst part of the trip: the return.

This trip was proposed by analyzing the Tour proposed by Costa Cruises for 2019, and this is just one of the many examples of circumnavigation of the globe. Many countries that were not included in this tour may appear on other itineraries: from Japan to United States, from West Africa to Greenland, up to countries like Russia, England and Iceland. The itineraries are potentially infinite: it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your travel tastes.

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