The best concerts in New York in 2015

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The nuances of soul, the liveliness of pop and the energy of rock, all within the infinite walls of the city of dreams par excellence: 2015 will be remembered as the year of great music in New York.

In the Big Apple, in fact, the most interesting performances of the best singers in the world music scene will be staged, one after the other.

There really is something for everyone: boys, girls, but also families, will be overwhelmed by the notes that will resound in the theaters and palaces of the city, for an unforgettable experience. Combining a holiday in New York with a pleasant and fun event such as a concert, in fact, will make the memory of a wonderful city in every aspect indelible.

In one of the most famous music clubs in all of the United States, theApollo theater from Manhattan, a turn-of-the-millennium star returned to the stage, D'Angelo. His unmistakable R&B music made all fans of him jump for joy. The appointment was Saturday 7 February.

Those who love jazz cannot miss the performance of Vijay Iyer, voted pianist of the year in 2012 by the Jazz Journalists Association. The artist, together with 2 other protagonists of international music such as the bassist Stephen Crump and the drummer Marcus Gilmore, will explore the jazz soul in a modern key, mixing the canonical sounds born at the beginning of the century in the African American communities of the South of the States, the most modern colors of pop and electronic sound.

A musical representation with a strongly artistic flavor, which combines classicism with contemporaneity: this is why the performers have chosen as the home of their show, which will be staged on 7 March, the Metropolitan, temple of contemporary art.

But that's not all: the list of singers and artists who will have the honor of showing to the New York public, and to the many tourists who flock to the Big Apple, all their talent is really long. From Birch, the controversial Irish singer who will perform on both March 7 and April 4 at Carnegie Hall, another symbolic place of light and classical music in New York, a Hozier, one of the most acclaimed songwriters of recent times, who is depopulating in terms of records sold all over the world. He and his protest blues will be hosted, in mid-March, by theHammerstein Ballroom, the futuristic theater contained within the even more spectacular Manhattan Center.

The musical proposal of New York continues with other high-sounding names such as Taylor Swift, for years now firmly at the top of the international rankings thanks to planetary successes such as "You belong with me" and "Love story", the foo Fighters, the post grunge group for 20 years on the crest of the wave, e Stromae, the Belgian rapper who last year came to the fore with the modern rhythms of “Alors on danse”.

And finally, for those who are still not satisfied with this feast of music, here is the past and the future of the international sound: U2 e one direction, for 3 sold out evenings. Bono Vox and his band will blow up for 2 nights, on July 18th and 27th, the Madison Square Garden; the winners of X Factor UK, on ​​the other hand, will fill the stands of the MetLife Stadium on August 5, on a midsummer night that will remain unforgettable.

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